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DUB ZOO is a unique, genre-bending musical collective, formed and performed by a group of musicians who all share a passion for improvisation.

Based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, DUB ZOO was formed as an experimental collaboration, exploring the idea that live improvisation can be an immersive and transformative experience for both the player and the listener.

Since 2016, DUB ZOO has continued to manifest its core beliefs into a musical project that both inspires and energizes. Features a collective of vocalists including Lizzie O’Keefe (Dangerous Song), Ben Goldstein (Hot Potato Band) and Graham Moes (Fat Picnic) as well as the multi-instrumental mayhem of Lee Hardisty on keys, sax, flute and kalimba and the heavyweight rhythm section of Paddy Kiernan (guitar), Brad Wenham (bass) and Leon Tussie (drums), they pack out dancefloors and festival stages with high energy and dynamic alike.

In a realm of progressive dub and deep psychedelic grooves, DUB ZOO are back with its upcoming album Strange Times – a ten-track offering that sublimely encaptures the energy of their live shows. When Covid lockdowns hit in 2020, they decided to spend their newfound free time in the studio and started recording at DUB ZOO HQ. As lockdowns continued, so did the recording and before they knew it, they had a huge swag of new material. Strange Times was recorded and produced by band members Brad Wenham and Paddy Kiernan and was later mixed by good friend and producer Paulie B (Ziggy Alberts, Kingfisha). In a truly collaborative process, the album was finally mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox Studio in Washington in the US.

As their chronicles delve into personal experiences, listeners can expect an overload of authenticity in Strange Times. With the heavy dub and reggae influences, they encourage listeners to live in the moment, embracing free-thinking and utilising their newfound circumstances to fuel a truly addictive new album.

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They explain, “As far as what we were watching, it kinda felt like we were watching the world fall apart, albeit from our relatively civilized piece of paradise. But even in Australia, we were not immune to the weirdness of these last few years.” Songs such as “Confusion”, “World on Fire” and “Strange Times” lean into the darker experiences – yet there is a balance. Tunes like “Into The Sun” and “Feel Me” bring the grooves and progressive rhythmic energy DUB ZOO have been known to possess. Their eclectic fusion of poetry and philosophy come to life in a way that will light up any dancefloor. They have truly encapsulated their visionary vibes into an extraordinary album.

DUB ZOO form a collective of full-time musicians and music teachers. Amongst their eclectic range of musical influences and love for nature, gardening and the natural world, their successes span wide. They confide in the joy of releasing music into the world. What happens after that may be out of their control, yet the interest they continue to spark has been profound. DUB ZOO is continuing to trailblaze into a new era for experimentalism.


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