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SOLOMON PICO was born when the singer-songwriter returned to London, where he played in several bands.

The Paris-based project is halfway between a collective and a solo project: Antoine is accompanied by four musicians who help him shape a singular soundscape full of soaring guitars, groovy basslines and psychedelic keyboards. Their music is characterised by rock energy, melancholic folk and pop elegance. It draws on multiple influences: the eclecticism of Beck or Radiohead, the theatricality of Bowie and Kate Bush, and the modern psychedelia of Tame Impala & Mac DeMarco.

The band has performed many times in France but also in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. They have shared the stage with Charles Pasi & Hooverphonic. With 2023 approaching, it’s now time for the debut album Undercover! The 1st single ‘Undercover’ opens with a guitar riff supported by a groovy bassline and layers of keyboards. The chorus quickly sets the tone:

“I’m working undercover, I’m moving underground”. The lyrics are about isolation and the difficulty of communicating with others. The singer appears masked in the music video, reminiscent of the extended Covid lockdowns. He dines and dances alone, and writes songs on a table corner. He questions his own sanity when he plays chess against himself and a lawnmower becomes a pram. The lyrics reflect this state of mind: “This comical disaster is driving me insane”.

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Sometimes you go undercover but you want to be found.


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