‘Lesson Learned’ is the new single from Craig John Davidson and sees the Aberdeen, Scotland-based songwriter move in a slightly different direction, bridging the gap between previous record, Tickets To The Sea, and an upcoming album, which promises to see Davidson dabbling in a more collaborative concoction.

Mixed and mastered by Candlebox’s Pete Klett at his City Sessions Sound studio in Florida, ‘Lesson Learned’ continues the optimistic trend brought on Davidson’s last record as the singer reflects on mistakes from the past and lessons learned amidst hooky choruses and a twangy twist on Davidson’s style of fingerpicking, drawing on a fusion of classical style Spanish guitar, country and a modern melody dynamic.

Davidson is a master of pushing an urgency behind the calm, on ‘Lessen Learned’ he really wants you to take him where you want to go, with quick turnovers between soothing verses and a churning, uplifting, orchestral choruses with the earnest refrain “take me where you want to go” carrying you away.

Davidson is a Scottish singer-songwriter/producer who’s been recording and releasing music since the early 2000s. With his remarkable fingerstyle playing ability Davidson mixes sounds of alternative acoustic with his root inspiration of folk/blues grunge and beyond to achieve a unique sound.

Davidson has previously toured the US with American rock act Lotus Crush and shared the stage with the likes of The Twilight Sad, Pictish Trail and Terry Reid. His previous album, Tickets To The Sea was Record of Note on Roddy Hart’s BBC Scotland show and the single ‘Best You Ever Had’ was Single of the Week on Janice Forsyth’s Afternoon Show.

Davidson comments: “It’s a play on words about how many mistakes you have to make in order to finally learn from them. It’s documenting that I’ve had to make some serious mistakes, to the point of no return, before sorting it out. And it seems like I’ve finally learned a lesson in life. It’s quite a novelty, because it has been a decade of quite brutal going with touring and the situations I’ve ended up in to finally be a bit more balanced. Now I’m focused, it’s like: Here I am, I’m back, I’ve got my eye on the ball, I’m gonna do this properly.”


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