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After decades of honing his craft, German-Italian artist and composer Julian Petrin is finally ready to unveil his masterful collection of musical themes to a wider audience.

One of the gems from this collection is “Embrace,” first released in 2003 on the acclaimed compilation “Café Abstrait.” But in 2020, Petrin decided to breathe new life into the track by re-recording and re-releasing it. The result is a mesmerizing blend of a swaying beat, lush string lines, and intertwining melodic layers that build to a crescendo. This timeless masterpiece is not to be missed!

German-Italian artist and composer Julian Petrin’s music is a captivating blend of neo-classical, ambient, and downtempo electronica. Growing up on jazz and heavily influenced by impressionist composers as a piano student, Petrin draws inspiration from artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and David Sylvian. His music today is comparable to the works of film music composers like Vladimir Cosma or Francis Lai and contemporary artists such as Niklas Paschburg, Grandbrothers, Rone, and Bayonne.

Much of his music was written in Hamburg, where he has been based since 1993 and has been released on various compilations such as Raphael Marionneau’s “Café Abstrait” series, „Mercedes Benz Mixtape“, and on the Label i:deology. Petrin’s music spans over three decades, reflecting the evolution of electronic instrumental music, from the dawn of synth pop to the diverse forms it takes today, and now Petrin is re-editing, remixing, and publishing his work step by step.

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