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Geoffrey Lesire, a guitar virtuoso known for livening up the nightlife in Brussels, is back and better than ever with his new project, Springclean.

Alongside Gilles Arbeau on drums and Benny Lust on bass, Geoffrey reminds us that he’s not just a talented musician, but also a gifted composer and emotive singer. The trio’s sound is a tantalizing blend of indie, garage, and French pop influences, creating a festive and haunting whirlwind of melodic rock.

Their first single, “Whatever,” is an irresistibly catchy and pop-infused anthem, while “Somebody Told Me” and “Stop You” are clear indications of the group’s powerful songwriting. With their debut EP “Stop You” coming out in 2021, Springclean is a must-listen for fans of the genre. Get ready for a spring cleaning of the ears with this dynamic trio.


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