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Giacomo Spica Capobianco, a visionary musician and composer, embarked on a bold and ambitious journey to form the Orchestre National Urbain. He searched far and wide for the most talented and diverse musicians to join him in this endeavour. Eventually, he extended an invitation to the renowned artist, Lucien 16, to join him on this musical journey.

Together, Giacomo and Lucien embarked on a series of intense debates and discussions about the themes and messages they wanted to convey through their music. They were determined to create a powerful and meaningful musical experience that would engage their audiences in important conversations about art and its purpose.

Finally, after months of hard work and collaboration, the Orchestre National Urbain was born. The ensemble was made up of 7 accomplished musicians who each brought their unique musical backgrounds and aesthetics to the table. They were united by a shared passion for rock, rap, classical, jazz, punk, dance and movement, and the desire to create an intergenerational experience.

The group’s debut album, entitled “United Forces,” was released in April 2022. The album features 10 original songs that were born from the collective creativity and inspiration of the ensemble’s members with 9 tracks composed by Giacomo Spica Capobianco, and 1 by Lucien 16’s. Lucien 16’s. Giacomo wrote all the texts (except Nightmares, written by David Marduel).

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The album is sung in various languages such as Creole, English, French, and Italian. Each song is crafted to convey a powerful and meaningful message through a combination of melody, lyrics, and instrumentation.



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