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The Love Robots are an exciting and dynamic alternative band hailing from New Jersey. Formed in 2019 by the talented duo of Jon Vick and Charley Ruegger, the band has quickly made a name for themselves in the music scene.

However, the journey to becoming The Love Robots was not an easy one. The band has a storied history, starting out as The Stereo Police back in 2005. They had a successful run and even released a few albums, but ultimately decided to part ways in 2010.

Years passed, and in 2019, Jon and Charley decided to team up again and bring their unique blend of musical influences to the masses. They began producing a handful of original songs and were determined to create something extraordinary. They knew that to make an impact truly, they needed to expand their lineup.

Enter Will Donaway and Ross Medine. Both accomplished musicians in their own right, Will and Ross were exactly what the band needed to take their sound to the next level. Will’s melodic bass lines and Ross’s energetic drumming were the perfect complements to Jon and Charley’s vocal harmonies and guitar work.

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The band’s sound is a unique blend of influences, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists. From the heavy metal of Metallica to the pop-infused melodies of Coldplay, from the southern rock of The Allman Brothers to the experimental sounds of Radiohead, The Love Robots are not afraid to push the boundaries of what an alternative band can be.

The band’s unique sound and chemistry have been honed during the quarantine of 2020, where the band members have been able to focus on writing and recording new music. The Love Robots are a force to be reckoned with, and their music is sure to capture the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.


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