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BSK, the rapper whose real name is Ben Sharp Knowles, has made music his personal journey of self-expression.

Born from the pandemic of 2020, BSK’s initial desire to distract himself from the world developed into a full-fledged passion for writing and creating music that conveys his innermost thoughts and feelings.

With “The Mind of BSK,” BSK invites listeners on a personal journey through his life, showcasing his experiences and reflections on friendships, breakups, and parties, particularly those of his younger years. The upbeat track “Right Groove” leans into that nostalgia, showcasing BSK’s musings on the carefree moments of growing up. The electronic soundscape of the song blends elements of hip-hop and chill-out genres to create a unique musical experience.

The down-tempo beat and atmospheric piano, coupled with BSK’s smooth flow, paint a picture of the optimism and freedom of youth. The opening chorus of “I’m in the car and I’m chilling with the right groove” is a memorable and enthralling hook that immediately draws listeners in, while the lyrics “I know that luck is going to hit me at the right time” capture the sentimentality and hope that pervades the song.

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So, if you’re looking for a musical journey that will take you back to the carefree moments of youth, be sure to check out BSK’s “Right Groove” and immerse yourself in the world of “The Mind of BSK.”


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