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Elfrida’s music embodies the captivating intersection of the soul and the subconscious.

Her work, under the moniker “Descend,” presents a deeply sincere depiction of the inner conflicts faced by a neurodivergent mind. With lyrics that delve into uncharted emotions, Elfrida creates a space for the unspoken and invites listeners on a journey through her thoughts.

Elfrida has always been a bit different, standing out in a crowd, and her curiosity as a child attracted those who sought to bring her down. Diagnosed with ADHD, “Descend” reflects the realities of her mind on a bad day. However, the singer-songwriter believes that her experiences are universal and that anyone can relate to the emotions depicted in her music.

For Elfrida, creating music is a form of therapy, and she hopes that her songs will help others understand themselves better and foster a healthier relationship with their mind, soul, and body. So, get ready to be transported to the depths of the soul with Elfrida’s unique and moving musical offerings.

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