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Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey as Brussels-based electro-funk trio KAT unveils their latest track, “All Our Dreams Are Coming True,” taken from their debut EP ‘Katalogue n°1’ released through Capitane Records this summer.

Delving into their magical bag of tricks, KAT breathes new life into iconic American composer Gene Page’s 1974 original. With a modern makeover that brims with layered twists and funked-up grooves, the trio manages to retain the song’s inimitable core. Explaining their creative process, they share, “‘All Our Dreams Are Coming True’ is a cover of Gene Page’s track. We stumbled upon this gem by chance, randomly buying a disco compilation at a flea market. From the very first notes of this incredible tune, we couldn’t resist the urge to work our own version, putting the theme front and centre. We slowed down the beat and bassline, added lo-fi yet funky guitars, created a dreamy atmosphere infused with samples from old Italian movies, and finally, blended it all together with a tastefully distorted master.”

‘Katalogue n°1,’ KAT’s debut EP, showcases five electro-funk gems that embody visions of bliss and sensuality. Describing their sound, they aptly label it as “Lo-Fi – Hi Fun.” Imagine whimsical cats throwing a summer beach party, cracking jokes, and dancing until the break of dawn.

The opening track, ‘All Our Dreams Are Coming True,’ a Gene Page cover, is sure to resonate with music lovers who appreciate KAT’s irresistible interpretation of this timeless theme. With ‘Le Weekent,’ the trio takes a plunge into a darker, disco-infused mood, accentuated by woodblock melodies that serve as the cherry on top. “It was quite a challenge to base a song around woodblocks, while the intro was inspired by the previously recorded delirium of Kool and the Gang’s celebration drum fill. We then envisioned a crew of late 80s party enthusiasts dancing to it, and that’s how the mood was set,” they explain.

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‘MerciJean’ emerges as an unstoppable hit, driven by a deliciously groovy bass riff and guitar layers that ride the summer breeze. It encapsulates the candor and sensuality that define KAT’s essence, celebrating the force of life and shared pleasure. ‘Handclap Variation’ takes listeners on a merry-go-round delirium, originating from the beloved Yamaha PSR-70 in the hands of KAT. As for ‘Kattepis,’ it stands as the ultimate sports anthem, encouraging listeners to bounce along and consider investing in a trampoline for maximum enjoyment.

Comprised of Julien Rauïs (aka Krust), Alexis Den Doncker (aka Alex), and Antoine Bonan (aka Tone), all of whom are part of the Great Mountain Fire family, KAT is the new project that has emerged from years of mysterious recordings. The veil of secrecy lifted when Brussels’ renowned JAM HOTEL transformed into a haven for local artists and musicians. It was in room 603 that this eccentric music, initially crafted for feline rave parties, finally took shape.

KAT’s musical universe conjures up the nostalgic joy of simple and fulfilling moments, where freedom and movement intertwine in the present. Translating these sensations into music, their compositions become funny, dusty, and glittering electro-funk dance pieces with a touch of innocence. KAT’s sunny melodies bounce and playfully tease listeners with a captivating blend of raw beats, energetic kicks, sportive grooves, and earthy organic percussions. In a whimsical marriage of Sly Stone,

Bootsy Collins, and Daft Punk, with hints of Tom Tom Club, Gino Soccio, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Laid Back, Mr. Scruff, and the DFA crew, KAT’s music defies categorization and seeks to liberate people from the constraints of style and genre. Part vintage children’s programming, part classic cinema, KAT’s sonic creations aim to set your spirit free. Their infectious energy and playful approach to music invite listeners to surrender to the groove and let the music transport them to a world of uninhibited joy.

With “All Our Dreams Are Coming True” as a tantalizing taste of what their debut EP has in store, KAT proves themselves as masters of reinvention, infusing their tracks with a sense of wonder and an infectious love for music. Their unmistakable blend of retro nostalgia and futuristic soundscapes creates an electrifying atmosphere that is impossible to resist.

So, brace yourself for an exhilarating ride as KAT unleashes their debut EP, ‘Katalogue n°1.’ Let their infectious beats and imaginative melodies ignite your senses and immerse you in a world where dreams come true. From the infectious grooves of “Le Weekent” to the irresistible charm of “MerciJean” and the whimsical frenzy of “Handclap Variation,” KAT presents a sonic journey that will leave you craving more.

In a world where conformity often reigns, KAT’s unapologetic pursuit of creative freedom shines bright. Their music is a testament to the power of letting go, embracing the playful spirit within, and celebrating the pure joy of existence. So, join KAT on this adventure and let their music be the catalyst for your own liberation. The debut EP ‘Katalogue n°1’ by KAT is available now, and it promises to be a treasure trove of electro-funk delights. Immerse yourself in their enchanting world, where every beat is a step closer to euphoria. Let the infectious melodies and grooves guide you as you surrender to the magic of KAT’s musical universe.

Get ready to dance, laugh, and lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of sounds that KAT has meticulously crafted. They have arrived, and they are here to stay. Embrace the madness, embrace the funk, and let KAT’s music be the soundtrack to your wildest dreams.


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