Meet XYZBra, the self-styled auteur hailing from Bradenton, Florida, whose dedication to his craft is as unwavering as his talent. Known for staying up for days on end, meticulously sculpting each and every element of his tracks, XYZBra’s latest EP ‘A New Beginning’ is a masterclass in sonic finesse, seamlessly blending elements of house, art-pop, and disco into a mesmerizing whole.

At the heart of the EP lies the title track, ‘A New Beginning’, which showcases the emotional depth and authenticity that sets XYZBra apart from his peers. Drawing from personal pain and hardship, XYZBra transforms his struggles into something universally relatable, imbuing his music with a sense of catharsis that is as powerful as it is infectious.

Yet, for all its emotional weight, ‘A New Beginning’ never feels weighed down or dour, thanks to XYZBra’s uncanny ability to balance light and dark, creating a sound that is both somber and uplifting, melancholic and joyful. This is evident throughout the EP, from the whimsical rhythms of ‘Parry This, You Casual’, to the futuristic funk of ‘One Day’, to the haunting minimalism of ‘Truer Words’.

Through it all, XYZBra’s dedication to his craft never wavers, and his passion for creating meaningful connections with his listeners is palpable. As he continues to gain momentum in the electronic music world, one thing is clear: XYZBra is a rising star whose talent and vision are sure to turn heads for years to come.

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