Hotel du Globe, the iconic Belgian rock band that emerged in the early 80s, has recently announced their triumphant return to the music scene after a long hiatus. Led by the dynamic duo of Pierre Melchior on vocals and Frederic Floss on bass guitar, the band’s initial lineup was completed by Dimitri Koutcheriw on drums and keyboards. Later on, they added Philippe Verstraeten on guitar and Eric Bayens on drums to create a truly exceptional sound.

Inspired by the new wave of music that followed the punk rock movement, Hotel du Globe drew inspiration from bands like Joy Division, The Human League, The Cure, B-Movie, Simple Minds, and many others. Their songs were characterized by metaphysical lyrics that spoke to their generation’s angst and disillusionment.

Despite garnering rave reviews for their live performances and music, the band decided to take a break in 1987 due to a lack of artistic opportunities. But fate had other plans for them. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the band to reevaluate their musical approach, and they took advantage of the confinement to start recording again.

“We caught a window to the sky,” says Melchior, describing how the band’s ideas and thoughts were able to escape the virtual prison of the pandemic. Watching new TV series with music from the 80s in the background was a trigger, and the idea to restart the band after more than three decades began to take shape.

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Their first single, “Eyes of the shadow,” is an energetic and melodic post-punk rock song that has already caught the attention of the British label Glasstone Records based in Bath. It was originally written in 1981 and has now been revisited with a fresh, contemporary sound. The band also recorded “Posthumous Decoration,” another song from their early years.

For the recording sessions, the band welcomed the talented musician Geoffrey Lesire, who added guitars and backing vocals, and Marc De Meersman, who played the drums for the band in 1985 and has since worked with several renowned musicians.

Hotel du Globe’s second single, “Back to the past,” is already available on YouTube and will be released on audio platforms on 01/23. Fans can expect to hear more new music from the band in the coming months, as they continue to rock the music world with their unique sound and style.

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