The cosy indie-pop charmer, your hands, is back following last year’s debut single, ‘floating’.

your hands are the moniker of the 26-year-old Danish musician and songwriter, Johannes Brandstrup, whose musical output is worry-free classic pop mixed with the peculiarities of indie. At the same time, his lyrics are colourful insights into the small, yet significant surprises that make your every day meaningful.

On ‘down here waiting’ your hands take on a theme of social life and time wasting.

“I wanted to write a song about youth and social life. My generation has become addicted to communicating with one another – which is good – but when you agree to meet up with someone it often creates a clash between expectations and respect for each other’s time. We rely on communication more than we rely on each other and I hope this catchy little pop song reflect those mellow thoughts and frustration of modern living,” your hands says when talking about ‘down here waiting’.

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In September, ‘floating’ hit numerous international music blogs and media and now, ‘down here waiting’ is just waiting to be discovered… The songs set the tone for an artist whose Nordic roots are instantly present in a soundscape full of cosiness, charm and a whimsical finesse. But the seemingly naïve melody won’t slip through your hands.

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