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Avant-garde singer-songwriter Steinsdotter has just dropped her latest venture into pop music, “Dancing In The Shower”, taking fans on a new journey through her musical prowess, now available on all major streaming platforms. Following the recent releases of “Nightshift” and “Air”, “Dancing In The Shower” serves as a true testament to Steinsdotter’s chameleonic ability, continuing to peel back the layers of her creativity.

Her discography so far has showcased an impressive range, from dark electronic pop to primal, anthemic folk-pop, and now to the sound heard on this new release on March 3rd. The track emulates the peaceful euphoric beauty of a fiery sunrise, providing carefree vibes and an inviting escape from anything that might be weighing down your spirit.

Listeners can also expect a variety of remixes accompanying this spring single in the weeks following its release, much like previous releases such as “Nightshift” and “Read My Hips”. Steinsdotter wrote “Dancing In The Shower” with friend and alt-pop artist Red Jesus, and their creative chemistry shines brilliantly on this track. The single showcases hints of familiar retro pop icons such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Paula Abdul.

Steinsdotter hopes that her listeners will take away a sense of joy and liberation from “Dancing In The Shower”, allowing the single to serve as a reminder to make time for fun amidst the inevitable chaos of life. Regardless of what might be happening, the track gives listeners permission to take a moment, step out of themselves, and allow themselves to dance in the shower. At its core, this romantic single speaks to anyone willing to honour their need for joy and make time for fun in spite of life’s ups and downs.

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