Amii Dawes and Xeven have created the successor to Dawes’ original lyrical piece, “Neck Verse,” with the release of “Neck Verse, Vol. 2.”

The original song was inspired by a medieval clerical practice where those who were guilty of a crime could save their neck by reading Psalm 51 of the Bible – but only if they were literate, knew the verse, and possessed clerical garb. Dawes’ intention with “Neck Verse” was to address issues with mental health, the inner workings of one’s mind, and the idea of saving oneself.

XEVEN – Producer

With the production of “Neck Verse, Vol. 2,” Xeven has found a new meaning in the song that relates to her feelings about her position in the current global political climate, particularly the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Xeven was born in Estonia on the brink of the USSR’s collapse, and as a Russian-speaking individual, she faced discrimination growing up.

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AMII DAVIES – Singer-songwriter

Although she is a citizen of neither Russia nor Ukraine, both Russian and Ukrainian blood runs through her veins. She hopes for peace, but the silence she chooses to keep is frowned upon by family and friends with radical opinions. Sometimes there is just no winning.

The collaboration between Dawes and Xeven has produced a powerful and thought-provoking piece of music that addresses both personal struggles and global issues. “Neck Verse, Vol. 2” is a must-listen for anyone looking for a fresh take on the complexities of the human experience.

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