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The latest release from ROSS 248, “Blinded by Your Light,” is a delightful love song that builds on the emotions expressed in her previous single “Sunshower.” With rhythmic instruments and chilled beats accompanied by soft vocals, the track channels the stable and content feelings of being in a relationship. The main message of the song is that when you love someone deeply, it brings out the best in you and helps you see hope and positivity in your life.

The inspiration for the song came from a chat about poetic lines between ROSS 248 and her friend and performing bassist Audun Laading, during which the phrase “blinded by your light” came up. Working in collaboration with performing vocalist Vanessa Murray, they developed the song’s lyrics further. ROSS 248’s poetic concept is reflected in the album artwork she created, featuring a lone street light at night. The image represents the idea of someone being “the only light” in your life, with the lush green plants representing life and the frozen leaves on the surface of the spotlight symbolizing the blinding effect of that light.

Overall, “Blinded by Your Light” conveys the idea that positive interactions in human relationships can help us navigate any challenge, no matter the circumstances. With its light-hearted melody and meaningful lyrics, this latest release from ROSS 248 is sure to resonate with fans of upbeat, feel-good music.

ROSS 248 is a rising music producer and songwriter hailing from Seoul, South Korea. The moniker pays homage to a small star in the Andromeda constellation, reflecting her interest in astronomy. Taking an old-school approach to songwriting, ROSS 248 writes, produces, and mixes all of her songs herself, showcasing the voices of various vocalists.

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Her music draws inspiration from a range of genres, with electronic and indie pop being notable influences. Starting her career by producing for other artists in South Korea, ROSS 248 later transitioned to expressing herself through her solo project. Her time in Liverpool proved to be an influential journey, helping her carve out a niche within these genres.

In 2022, her debut single “Somewhere Only We Know” was featured on BBC Music Introducing in Merseyside, marking a significant milestone in her career. With a unique approach to songwriting and production, ROSS 248 is a promising talent to watch in electronic and indie pop music scenes.


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