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GANZ, A.K.A Jordy Saämena is an Amsterdam-based producer/DJ extraordinaire who developed his masterful blend of hip-hop and electronica from a young age. Over time, GANZ’s sound has evolved, seeing him explore new territories and experiment with indie, pop and avant-garde music. 

His new four-track EP, I’m Glad I Found U Pt.1, is the result of GANZ delving into lost projects and realising that some of them deserved to be finished. With a plethora of songs to work with, the artist spent months reworking tracks, sharing:

“This was one of the most fun projects I’ve been working on the last years and gave me so many vibes I decided to make a series of EP’s like this. That’s why this one is called Pt.1.” The EP is built around pounding electronic beats with a glimpse of hip hop and elements of earlier UK/Glasgow sounds, beats and vibes.

The intro track “Shelter” featuring vocals by Ebony Morrison/Chase Zara, from Australia, sets the tone for the entirety of the EP. Radiating a kaleidoscope of bright synths, the ethereal track builds into a soaring, euphonic atmosphere. “Paper Pane Borders” was originally written back in 2017 and is the anthem of this EP. A fast-paced, energetic tune which is certain to lift the mood at any party. 

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I’m Glad I Found U Pt.1, is the beginning of a new chapter for GANZ. He confides, “New year, new vibes and I’m ready to start again with a clean sheet. The EP carries so many big emotions, so it’s definitely one to play when getting in the party mood.”Encouraging others to do whatever feels good and to not get too influenced by the world or compare their art to others, GANZ expresses:

“No one is better or worse. We’re all here to share our art and if you put some emotion into your work, nobody can say that it’s bad. It’s just their taste.”

With over 200,000 monthly listeners, his synth-focused productions and remixes helped usher in a new era of electronic music. With streaming numbers in the millions, we’re set to see huge things from GANZ and future collaborative opportunities in the coming months.


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