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With Chilean heritage, Reya is originally from Norway but grew up in Spain, resulting in her rich, multicultural upbringing being a key ingredient to her unique style and sound. Her roots play a huge role in her story, with the artist having recently rebranded after previously creating music under a different name.

Reya’s journey to where she is today has been a rollercoaster. Over the last year, the singer, songwriter and producer found herself in the midst of studying final bachelor year in Music production, releasing 6 singles, played on Norwegian national radio and BBC introducing, several shows in London – with the highlight of supporting the Norwegian treasure DAGNY at her London show, and her following show in Norway. Only to have the music taken down, due to false accusations. As a result of all this, REYA without the AND returns.

Starting a new chapter under a new name, the artist is finally creating music that she has complete control over, with people that she loves. She explains, “My way of fighting back is fighting for myself. This new music is closer to what I would consider my roots, my influences and what I wish to speak out into the world. To me it represents power. The power to stand up for me and what I feel is right. To stand against people, especially men, who choose to ruin careers whenever they feel threatened. ” The new sound is much more raw and real, expressing strength over oneself and being reminded of the fact that endings also simultaneously mean new beginnings.

The first single to be released is “Attention” which narrates coming to terms with owning who you are and being unapologetically yourself. Identifying that sometimes who you are may make others uncomfortable, and that’s okay. Reya asks that instead of shrinking to fit in, stand out and do what you most desire. “attention” dares to overstep boundaries and speaks the truth, providing the perfect soundtrack for when you need to walk like a boss or when you need to tap into the confidence you may or may not always carry.

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The fiery new single oozes sass and an edge, as she brings different sounds and cultures together to create something entirely her own. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and Rosalia, “attention” sees the artist connecting with her heritage more than ever before. Starting 2023 off with a bang, this new chapter for Reya is certain to be an explosive one.


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