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St. Humain is a genre-agnostic artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Singapore, the musician’s colourful, multicultural upbringing infuses his sound with a vibrancy like no other.

With his music built around honest and personal stories from his own life, his latest EP METADRAMATIC is like reading from his journal, as every song peels back a layer, revealing more and more. METADRAMATIC narrates the feelings we all face in our lives when it comes to relationships — with lovers, friends, and with yourself. Sonically, the EP sees the artist heading towards an interesting intersection between pop, electronic and R&B.

His latest release is “Dial Tones (발신음)”, a Korean duet/remix of the final track off METADRAMATIC, featuring Seoul artist SOIN. This new version of “Dial Tones (발신음)” sparked after St. Humain took a trip to the city, where he met SOIN through mutual connections. Instantly captivated by her vocals, he knew he wanted to collaborate with her.

“Dial Tones (발신음)” is a song about regret when it comes to love. It’s about thinking back on a relationship and not necessarily missing the other person, but just wanting to see if they’re okay because things didn’t end in the best of ways. St. Humain reveals, “The original version has just the one perspective of wanting to reach out but ending up clutching at straws… But this new duet version paints the other half of the picture. I think SOIN shares this other side of the story so well, making this all not just depressing but opens things up, turning it bittersweet. She writes about the relationship being over, but that the other party is actually doing okay. Life moves on… And I think SOIN captured that essence so beautifully.”

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SOIN shares, “The song just feels so innocent, you know? The lyrics talk about something that happened ten years ago and couldn’t be forgotten, which is super cool! So I wanted to say, ‘Hey, it’s okay.’ The memories we shared while stargazing together mean so much more to me than any scars you left.”

Speaking of the collaboration, SOIN continues, “I’m just so grateful for this opportunity to collaborate on this duet. I really wanted to work with St. Humain because his voice, music, and artistic style are so unique! This is my first duet, so new opportunities like this are so precious to me. I really hope that this song can help people feel raw emotions and find comfort in the small things we often overlook in our everyday lives.”

St. Humain has garnered millions of streams for his music to date, as well as acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, Wonderland Magazine and Earmilk, to name a few. Accompanying the success of his music, St. Humain also runs his own apparel brand, Emotional Sauna. Named after his debut EP, the brand offers pieces that allow our minds to escape into an aesthetic. It’s pro escapism, by St. Humain: Each music release has been paired with a line of apparel to compliment the unique world of that release. With limited runs and small batches that will never be reprinted, the artist is offering entirely exclusive pieces. This collaboration with SOIN marks part two of the METADRAMATIC journey… Stay tuned for more.


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