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With a captivating, pulsating dark-disco rhythm, “Stop Dreaming” weaves a tale of longing and acceptance in the face of a new reality. This mesmerizing track serves as the lead single from the highly anticipated upcoming album by the renowned Danish singer-songwriter, Astrid Cordes.

Titled “Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby’s Still Asleep,” Cordes’ forthcoming album is a remarkable amalgamation of three distinct EPs, which together form a cohesive and ambitious body of work. It stems from Cordes’ personal journey as a first-time mother, crafted during a tumultuous period of her life. The songs encapsulate the myriad emotions of beauty, despair, and transformation that Cordes has experienced, resulting in a candid and intricate sonic portrait.

“Stop Dreaming” takes centre stage as the lead single from the album’s third and final EP. Cordes reflects on her transition into motherhood, recounting her past as a young dreamer who idolized artists and yearned for success. However, as she embraces her new role, doubts creep in, and she finds herself questioning her identity as an artist and her potential for achievement.

The track, conceived as a mental and artistic state of emergency, paradoxically showcases Cordes at her most creatively prolific. Inspired by the turbulent emotions she was grappling with, she effortlessly penned the song in under 30 minutes while seated at her piano. “Stop Dreaming” stands as a poignant homage to anyone who has contemplated relinquishing their dreams and aspirations.

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The raw authenticity of “Stop Dreaming” is matched by Cordes’ exploration of a new musical direction within her alternative pop universe, employing an enchanting, organic dark-disco sound. Doubts about her talent evaporate upon hearing her flawless vocals on the resplendent chorus.

Astrid Cordes is a rising star from Denmark, brimming with promise. Her recent singles have garnered airplay on the national alternative radio station, P6 BEAT, while her two previously released EPs from the trilogy have received glowing 5-star reviews from leading music publication, GAFFA.

The album is slated for release later this year on the esteemed independent record label, Celebration Records, accompanied by a full-length LP and a string of tour dates. Brace yourself for Astrid Cordes’ sonic odyssey, as she fearlessly delves into uncharted musical territories while delivering an introspective and captivating experience for her listeners.


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