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Faerie is a fluttering indie-pop manifestation of Christine Lam’s daydreams and fantasies.

Her music is set in danceable grooves layered with dreamy synths and lyrics filled with wonder and escapism. As a New York native, she grew up in a music-oriented household and was professionally trained in Jazz and Broadway styles.

At 26, Faerie uses past training and techniques to manipulate her sound while collaborating with creatives worldwide to enhance her magical indie-pop aesthetic. She successfully reached nearly 15,000 streams within the first month of her “2 am” EP Release in January of 2021.

Faerie takes you on a trip to “k-town” with LA producer Matty Bedrosian (who goes by Yummm), where you get lost in nostalgic bass lines, soft guitars, and hypnotic vocals sprinkled with shimmering synths and slow-burn disarray.

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Once a place of escape, Faerie is unexpectedly revisited by suppressed feelings and traumatic secrets from her teenage years that still linger today. You’ll be doing yourself a favour by listening to her new single!


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