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Annie Keating, a luminous figure in the vibrant tapestry of contemporary Americana, weaves melodies and lyrics that resonate with the soul. Her music bears the wisdom of a woman who understands that amidst the pursuit of hope, one often encounters heartache as the toll to be paid. Yet, in that mystical manner possessed only by the greatest artists, she manages to instil in us an unwavering belief that every bit of it is worth the price.

Back in 2008, the world caught wind of Keating’s brilliance when BBC Radio’s Bob Harris spotted her exceptional talent, and her breakthrough album, “Belmont,” made its grand entrance. Since then, she has been on an upward trajectory, soaring in stature and gaining a reputation that precedes her with each subsequent release. Throughout her journey, she has drawn formidable comparisons to the likes of the venerable Lucinda Williams and the poetic John Prine, accolades that speak volumes about her artistry.

In 2021, Keating bestowed upon us her eighth studio album, ‘Bristol County Tides,’ a sonic voyage that stirred hearts and captivated souls. Folk Radio UK hailed it as both deeply personal and universally resonant, a testament to Keating’s musical prowess reaching its zenith. But the magnum opus didn’t end there, for ‘Hard Frost,’ a gem from the same release, left the critics at Folk Radio UK spellbound, simply labeling it “Outstanding.”

In Annie Keating’s melodies, we find solace and understanding, embracing the bittersweet journey of life, knowing that she crafts musical catharsis like no other. As she continues to etch her name in the annals of musical brilliance, we eagerly await the next harmonious chapter in her mesmerizing story. For when Annie Keating strums her strings and shares her soul, she paints the world in hues of beauty and wonder.

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“A MUST SEE” – Bob Harris (“Whispering Bob, BBC radio host)

1/9 – Ashcroft Arts Centre – Fareham, UK
2/9 – Little Rabbit Barn – Essex, UK
3/9 – Bob Harris “Picnic” House show & the Tap that night – Oxford, UK
5/9 – House Concert – Liverpool, UK (email info@anniekeating for info)
6/9 – The Atkinson – Southport, UK
7/9 – Glad Cafe – Glasgow, Scotland
8/9 – Biggar Corn Exchange – Biggar, Scotland
9/9 – Filey Americana – Filey, UK
10/9 – The Live Rooms – Saltaire, UK
12/9 – Kitchen Garden Café – Birmingham, UK
13/9 –What’s Cookin (Double bill w/Steady Habits) – London area, UK
14/9 – Chapel Arts Center (Sean duo opening) – Bath, UK
15/9 –September Songs Festival
16/9 – Eastwell Village Hall – Eastwell, UK
17/9 – The John Peel Centre –Stowmarket, UK


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