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Step into the world of soulful, hip-hop-infused brilliance with ‘Better Late Than Never,’ an epic collection of musical gems that will sweep you off your feet. Chase Woods, the mastermind behind this sonic wonderland, has created a mesmerizing journey laden with captivating hooks, anchored by a powerful backbeat, embellished with ethereal synths, and adorned with audacious eccentric melodies. But it is Chase’s smooth, laidback vocal prowess that truly steals the show, illuminating our deepest obsessions and desires.

When asked about the inspiration behind the EP, Chase Woods revealed, “I wanted to let loose and have a blast with this project, steering clear of anything too sombre. I found myself delving into the highs and lows of relationships, grounding the songs in genuine emotions. Yet, in the midst of it all, ‘Lovesadrug,’ an electrifying track from the EP, couldn’t resist drawing from my go-to writing style, blending past experiences with a darker edge, all while keeping the tunes sonically uplifting.”

Among the heart-stirring tracks lies the lead single, “‘Bedside Table,’ a tale of love dedicated to my partner. This song celebrates those little quirks that both drive me up the wall and make me fall in love with her even more. It’s in her imperfections that I find sheer bliss (In the most delightful way, of course).”

Emerging on the music scene in 2020, Chase Woods immediately bewitched audiences with his fresh, original sound and uncanny ability to weave soulful stories through his music. His debut EP, ‘Terrace End Tapes,’ released towards the end of 2022, showcased the sheer range of his musical prowess, solidifying his position as one of New Zealand’s most electrifying new artists. And the excitement doesn’t stop there, as Chase recently embarked on a fruitful writing journey, courtesy of APRA Amcos, teasing more magic from these sessions.

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Widely hailed by online tastemakers, Chase Woods has drawn comparisons to legendary rap icons like Anderson. Paak and Mac Miller, paving the way for an extraordinary ascent in 2023 and beyond. So, if you haven’t immersed yourself in the extraordinary world of ‘Better Late Than Never,’ it’s time to surrender to the enchanting vibes of Chase Woods and savour every note of his soaring trajectory. Trust us; this is just the beginning of an exhilarating musical odyssey.


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