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Step into a time warp, music aficionados, and let me take you on a dazzling ride through the electrifying world of ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES! Picture this: a fusion of #electroswing, RETRO POP, and CLASSIC SOUL, seamlessly woven together by five extraordinary vocalists. This sensational female group has made their triumphant entrance onto the Freshly Squeezed roster in the year 2023, and oh boy, are we in for a treat!

Fresh from dazzling audiences on UK TV talent shows, not to mention some epic collaborations and a mind-blowing tour with label-mate MISTA TRICK, these enchanting sirens are now gracing us with their second single, “NEVER WANNA SAY GOODBYE.” But hold onto your fedoras because there’s more! Prepare yourselves for their highly-anticipated forthcoming album, where ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES will transport us back to a vintage wonderland.

These girls are not just musicians; they’re icons of the vintage lifestyle, frequently making appearances in the esteemed broadsheets and wowing the crowd at events like the legendary GOODWOOD REVIVAL. But the excitement doesn’t end there! While ELLE is currently dazzling audiences on a thrilling UK and GERMAN tour with the MISTA TRICK collective, the full band will be gracing the stages of many UK festivals soon (details to be unveiled after the tour concludes). Meanwhile, ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES will be taking over UK vintage stages and festivals as well (TBA – keep your eyes peeled!).

Glastonbury Festival programmer extraordinaire, Chris Tofu, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, hailing them as “The most saleable Electro Swing act I’ve ever seen.” It’s no wonder, really – their sound is a harmonious blend of classic 60s soul and the nostalgic charm of 50s girl groups, all wrapped up in a playful and modern twist that will leave you utterly captivated. And what better place for them to thrive than alongside fellow Freshly Squeezed artists like THE SPEAKEASY THREE or the enigmatic LITTLE VIOLET.

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So there you have it, folks! ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES are here to take us on a magical musical journey through time, where vintage vibes meet cutting-edge beats. Get ready to swing, sway, and groove to their sensational melodies – this is a ride you won’t want to miss!


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