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In the vibrant heart of South Germany, amidst the thumping rhythm of underground music, there stands a visionary artist who has left an indelible mark on the German Drum & Bass scene. Allow me to introduce DJ Tease, a true pioneer who charted his musical odyssey in the early ’90s, right when the electrifying fusion of UK Techno, Breakbeat, and Hardcore metamorphosed into the captivating allure of Jungle and Drum & Bass.

Drawing inspiration from the electrifying sounds swirling across the Atlantic, DJ Tease embarked on his DJing voyage, guided by the pulsating beat and resonating basslines. The ’90s saw him nurturing a profound desire to etch his own melodies on vinyl—a bucket list item he yearned to cross off. As the first rays of the 21st century dawned, Tease materialized his aspiration, unleashing his music on the coveted vinyl format. Yet, this was just the beginning, for his creative spirit refused to rest, continually weaving sonic tapestries, many of which were veiled away in the depths of hard drives.

The very essence of music lies in its profound ability to be heard, to traverse from one soul to another, transcending boundaries and time. This a belief that DJ Tease holds dear, as he recognizes that the silence of concealed melodies is a fate far worse than any other. Thus, he embarks on a journey to unshackle his creations from their digital confinement. It is time for action, for the world to savour the symphony that lay dormant within the confines of technology.

In his latest opus, “Come Down,” DJ Tease presents a poignant reminder to all Drum & Bass aficionados, urging them to rediscover the genre’s core, untainted by fleeting trends. The track is a hypnotic amalgamation of full-bodied drums, enchanting shakers, and a bassline that nestles itself deep within your consciousness. A mesmerizing journey back to the roots, where the soul of Drum & Bass resides, unfazed by the allure of commercialization. This composition encapsulates the very essence of the genre, paying homage to its heritage while embracing the future.

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Through his relentless pursuit of unearthing the buried gems of his music, DJ Tease beckons us all to seize the present moment, to let our visions metamorphose into tangible realities. For a vision remains a mere reverie without the impetus of action.

DJ Tease from South Germany, the pioneer, the dreamer, and the trailblazer—the beat goes on, echoing through the annals of Drum & Bass history, leaving a legacy that will resound for generations to come.


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