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Embarking on a sonorous expedition that stretches back to their inaugural steps in 1999, Aarktica has now unveiled their latest opus – a tapestry of sound dubbed “Paeans.” In a realm where time dances to glacial rhythms and atmospheres are hushed yet resoundingly profound, this auditory creation is a testament to the evolution of Aarktica’s sonic cosmos.

Radiating a sonic luminescence, “Paeans” is an album that thrives in the interplay of crystalline textures, celestial strings, and ethereal guitar reverberations. With an absence of vocals, these compositions transform into almost hymn-like meditations, each note resonating like a whispered devotion. For 43 captivating minutes, listeners are ushered into a world of ambient guitar cascades and sweeping aural panoramas that evoke emotions at once visceral and gently stirring.

Jon DeRosa, the mastermind behind Aarktica, reflects on the genesis of this ethereal voyage: “Paeans inspired me to get back to a very quiet, very clean place inside and tune out the part of my brain that tends to overthink.” With an impressive discography that boasts 11 albums, DeRosa’s return to a more ambient style felt like a homecoming, a reconnection with the essence of his creative core.

Amidst the symphony of quietude, DeRosa recollects, “I told my brain it could turn back on later. But capturing those first melodies and atmospheres from that quiet inner place, without the head noise, felt really important like they were natural transmissions.” The process echoed the origins of his maiden albums, encapsulating intimacy, trust, and an unadulterated joy that underpins each resonating chord.

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Stylistically, “Paeans” encapsulates a harmonious return to Aarktica’s roots. This project, renowned for its sonic expeditions spanning shoegaze, raga, electronic, and indie rock influences, demonstrates a sonorous familiarity that feels like a cherished memory revisited. Even their 2022 release, “We Will Find the Light,” showcased an eclectic blend of atmospheric folk, ambient guitars, plaintive vocals, and minimalist string arrangements, crafting a collection that was simultaneously shadowed and uplifting.

With “Paeans,” DeRosa unveils a tapestry of glacial guitar atmospheres, glistening textures, and meditative reverberations, inviting listeners into a realm where both terrestrial and celestial themes find harmonious coexistence. Notably, DeRosa’s artistic signature shines through as organic instruments and guitars take centre stage, weaving intricate sonic narratives without the crutch of synthesizers or keyboards. The album is further adorned with the resonant orchestral strings of cellist and violist Henrik Meierkord, a complementary infusion that elevates the sonic palette.

DeRosa illuminates the collaborative spirit of this undertaking: “When I began composing the songs for Paeans, each of them started with some kind of skeletal guitar melody or processed guitar loop I built upon. I wanted to keep these songs sparse and minimal, but they were in need of another colour, another texture.” It was through the harmonious collaboration with Meierkord that this vision bloomed, where the strings gracefully intertwined with the guitar’s resonance, forging a musical narrative that transcended individuality.

“Paeans,” a term denoting “songs of praise,” serves as a deliberate homage to the beauty and wonder that enfolds our existence. DeRosa, deeply connected to fields of somatic and shamanic healing, shares, “The songs on Paeans are wordless prayers and songs of awe. For the majesty of nature, for the peace and silence, we find when we go truly inward, for the infinite beauty that exists all around us.” These compositions are a manifestation of profound introspection, an expression of the ineffable through melody.

In “Paeans,” Aarktica has crafted an opus that transcends sonic boundaries, guiding listeners through landscapes both inward and celestial. With each note, a testament to the sublime; with each chord, a proclamation of gratitude to the universe’s boundless wonder.


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