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Diving headfirst into the sonic sea, the Indie Punk virtuosos known as ‘Pseudo Cool’ have unleashed a tidal wave of musical prowess with their freshest single, ‘Sharp’s Catching Waves’. In this audacious release, Pseudo Cool pays a fervent and empowering homage to the legendary 1970s Welsh surfer extraordinaire, Linda Sharp, capturing the essence of her remarkable spirit in a sonic tapestry that refuses to be confined.

Linda Sharp, an Aberafan native, rode the crest of fame as a wave-riding champion, etching her name in the annals of sporting history. With the grace of a sea breeze, she soared to victory, clinching the European surfing championship not once, but twice, and asserting her dominance with an astounding ten-time conquest of the British surfing championships.

Yet, her most intimate conquest lay within the embrace of her homeland’s waves, as she claimed the Welsh surfing championship a staggering 19 times, cementing her status as an iconic figure in the realm of wave-wrangling. As the tides of time roll on, Linda Sharp’s legacy as one of the most triumphant British surfers of all time remains unassailable.

With ‘Sharp’s Catching Waves’, Pseudo Cool beckons us to relive the gritty ambience of 1970s Port Talbot, an era defined by both its polluted skyline and its unquenchable thirst for expression. As the chords crash like waves against the shores of nostalgia, the band paints an aural canvas that harks back to the very essence of the time. The fervour of Linda Sharp’s unparalleled feats is translated into every note, and her indomitable spirit is resurrected through the fervent pulse of the music.

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In a world where conformity threatens to engulf us like murky waters, Pseudo Cool remains a steadfast guardian of independent expression, steering their creative vessel with unwavering resolve. ‘Sharp’s Catching Waves’ isn’t merely a song; it’s a rousing anthem that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and pays homage to an icon who carved her name into the very fabric of the ocean.

So, my fellow sonic adventurers, prepare to ride the tempestuous soundwaves concocted by Pseudo Cool, as they invite us to catch the same waves that once carried Linda Sharp to legendary heights.


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