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In the musical landscape of Oslo, a quartet by the name of Das Body, led by the entrancing Ellie Linden, unfurls their latest offering upon our eager ears— “Baby, You Know I’m a Stranger.”

Peering into the intricate layers of the human psyche, Das Body delves into the intriguing concept of genuine self-confidence—but with a twist. This confidence only surfaces through the meticulously crafted mask of an alter ego, blossoming solely within the realm of constructed personas and close bonds. The compelling vocals of Ellie Linden take on a deeper, more shadowy allure, all while riding atop a rhythmic drive reminiscent of the band’s lauded live performances.

Ellie Linden shares an intriguing tidbit about the genesis of “Baby, You Know I’m a Stranger”: “Surprisingly, this song was the final puzzle piece for our new album. The inspiration struck while we were in the studio after all the other tracks were locked in and recorded. It’s become a celebration of the new sound we’ve cultivated for this upcoming album—a sound we’re incredibly proud of. It hit me just how excited I am to step back onto the stage and envelop the audience in these dark, pulsating beats.”

“Baby, You Know I’m a Stranger” serves as a sonic testament to Das Body’s artistic evolution, departing boldly from the conventions of mainstream pop. The uncharted terrain of Ellie Linden’s voice stands out against a backdrop woven from vintage synths, casting their spell with a fusion of raw distortion and evocative Nordic electronica vibes. The outcome is an intricate dance of beats that beckon you to sway, fearless vocal hooks that grab hold, and an underlying undercurrent of poignant emotion.

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Guided by the skilled hand of producer Erlend Mokkelbost, Das Body has successfully translated the electric dynamism of their live shows into a studio recording that exudes punch and grit. The emotional resonance runs deeper, the pop hooks are sharper, and the impact is unyielding. This convergence of forces has allowed their artistry to bloom with an intensity that’s impossible to ignore.

Das Body’s latest offering is an invitation to dive headfirst into the depths of their musical world, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. With “Baby, You Know I’m a Stranger,” they beckon us to journey alongside them, as they seamlessly blend shadow and light to create a tapestry of sound that’s as immersive as it is enigmatic.


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