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In a burst of psychedelic brilliance, Swedish band Melody Fields has released their latest single, ‘Hallelujah.’ As a double dose of excitement, they’ve unveiled plans for not one but two albums, ‘1901’ and ‘1991,’ both poised to grace our ears later this year through the enchanting conduits of Coop Records and Nudie Records.

With a penchant for melding velvety synths, sprightly house piano, thunderous bass lines, and infectious bongo drum beats, ‘Hallelujah’ strides forth as an irresistible neo-psychedelic dance anthem. Emanating from within the band’s hazy and hypnotic vocals, there’s a sprinkling of shoegaze allure, adding an unexpected twist to the psychedelic landscape.

The band shares their inspiration, remarking, “Taking cues from iconic acts like Primal Scream and Happy Mondays, the track teleports you to the glory days of early 90s dance-infused rock. ‘Hallelujah’ tantalizes as a preview of the forthcoming album ‘1991,’ slated for release on Coop Records (EU) and Nudie Records (US). Prepare to surrender to the irresistible charm of Melody Fields’ sonic euphoria and let ‘Hallelujah’ set your dancing soul ablaze.”

The excitement only multiplies with the unveiling of their upcoming albums, ‘1901’ and ‘1991.’ ‘1901’ is primed for its grand arrival on October 13th, 2023, while ‘1991’ is set to grace us on November 10th, 2023. In a dazzling display of sonic exploration, they delve into the neo-psychedelic realm, blending vintage influences with modern ingenuity. Prepare to be transported to a realm where innovative production techniques intermingle with nostalgia-laden melodies, resulting in an enchanting fusion of eras.

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Originating from the vibrant musical enclave of Gothenburg, Sweden, Melody Fields is a harmonious concoction of modern psychedelia, indie rock, and shoegaze. Their sound pays homage to the trailblazers of psychedelic rock while forging their own unique path. They’ve become a formidable presence within the psychedelic music scene, captivating audiences with their distinctive blend of influences.

With reverence for musical luminaries like Spiritualized, Moon Duo, and La Düsseldorf, Melody Fields embarks on a musical journey that intertwines vintage psychedelic nostalgia with contemporary innovation. Their sonic canvas boasts mesmerizing harmonies, swirling guitars, and ethereal textures that envelop listeners in a kaleidoscopic dreamscape, where reality mingles with the surreal.

As Melody Fields journey through the global psychedelic soundscape, their distinctive amalgamation of 60s psychedelia and 90s rebellion has garnered well-deserved attention. Their live performances and innovative sound have ignited both curiosity and acclaim, carving out a musical landscape that is both nostalgically familiar and exhilaratingly groundbreaking.

In the cosmos of sound, Melody Fields emerges as a shining star, casting their radiant neo-psychedelic glow across continents. Their ethereal melodies, paired with the electrifying spirit of the 90s, unfurl like a mesmerizing tapestry, inviting us to embark on an enchanting musical expedition that defies both time and convention.


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