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As summer’s heat shimmers across the urban landscape, the anticipation for Chicago’s own indie-rock luminaries, Midwestern Dirt, couldn’t be more palpable. Their impending album promises to be a kaleidoscopic whirlwind, and leading the charge is their soaring first single, “The Aaron Waters Show”.

Entrenched within their studio during the throes of the pandemic, singer-songwriter Patrick Kapp’s creative flames ignited. From the embers of a New Order-esque guitar riff emerged the track, now known as “The Aaron Waters Show.” An evolution in the truest sense, this slow-burning, jangly, and slightly psychedelic indie-rock gem is a testament to the power of musical alchemy.

With lyrics that don nostalgia-coloured glasses, the track is an introspective journey into the heart’s corridors. Kapp reveals, “The initial demo I crafted had more of a post-punk resonance, a far cry from the final incarnation.” As the band contributed their magic, the sound landed in the crossroads between the sombre gravitas of The National and the sonic experimentation of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Aptly titled, the track draws inspiration from Chicago’s annual Air & Water Show, an ode to the city’s summer spectacle.

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Midwestern Dirt’s roots stretch back to 2017 when it burgeoned as a solo studio project under Patrick Kapp’s stewardship. The first three albums were lovingly crafted with contributions from Kapp’s family and friends. Yet, the pandemic catalyzed a transformation, birthing a band of dedicated souls and musicians. This incarnation, featuring John Golden on drums, Alejandro Ortiz on guitar, Colin Mercer on bass, Owen Hemming on keys, and the resolute frontman Patrick Kapp, forged a bond that elevated their sonic tapestry.

In a testament to their artistic synergy, the band honed their new material in live performances before retreating to the esteemed JamDek studios in Chicago, under the guidance of local engineer Keifer Douglas. In a whirlwind of creativity, the album was born in just two days—a feat that stands as a testament to their cohesion and skill. Reverberated guitars, propelling drums, and heartfelt lyrics are the cornerstones of Midwestern Dirt’s musical ethos, ensuring each track is a voyage into the sonic unknown.

Brace yourselves, as Midwestern Dirt’s newest full-length opus, “Twilight at a Burning Hill,” is set to release on August 18th, a beacon of sonic enchantment. Catch them live this summer, embarking on a journey that begins with an album release spectacle at Beat Kitchen in Chicago on release day and in Milwaukee on August. Keep an eye out for additional tour dates—more revelations are yet to come!


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