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Rooted in the vibrant tapestry of Baltimore, Lauren Lakis emerges as a musical force, encapsulating the city’s fatalistic essence within her work and art. With hauntingly raw tones that cut deep, Lakis stands as a breath of fresh air in the industry, forging her path with a captivating blend of “delightfully gut-churning shoegaze” (Flaunt). A beacon of authenticity, her lyricism speaks truth, paired with lush and darkly romantic vibes, offering a much-needed departure from the realm of polite rock (Earmilk).

In 2018, Lakis introduced herself with the debut full-length “Ferocious,” a sonic journey released under Cavity Search Records (known for Elliott Smith and Helio Sequence). This served as a prelude to her slowcore-infused EP “Sad Girl Breakfast,” dominated by her distinctive baritone. Both releases, helmed by producer Billy Burke and Grammy-winning mixer Chris Kasych, resonated across the airwaves, landing on over 40 radio stations and more than 65 Spotify playlists. Notably, Lakis’ tracks found a home in various productions, including “Dating Pains” and “The Drunch.”

The chronicles of Lakis continued with her 2021 LP, “Daughter Language,” a creation that reverberated with critical acclaim from notable sources like Wonderland, Ladygunn, and more. Flaunt hailed its arrival, while 1st Day Fresh labelled it a “rock gem.” Recorded under the banner of Green Witch Recordings and produced by Billy Burke, with mixing credits to Chris Kasych and Samur Khouja, the album captured Lakis’ signature blend of magnetic soundscapes.

Lakis’ artistry extends beyond the studio, as her full band embarked on extensive West Coast tours, sharing stages with luminaries like Ringo Deathstarr, Sea Wolf, and Holy Wave. The band’s presence packed venues, selling out the likes of the Doug Fir Lounge and The Catalyst Santa Cruz. Lakis’ journey also encompassed captivating live-streamed performances, collaborating with organizations such as ACLU and Bands In Town.

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As anticipation builds, the forthcoming album “A Fiesta and a Hell” is poised to take the music scene by storm. Recorded in Austin, Texas, under the expert hands of producer Carey McGraw, mixer Elliott Frazier, and mastering engineer Christopher Colbert, this album is an exploration of bold sonic territories. Leading the charge is the single “TAKE MY HAND,” a sonic embodiment of embracing the unknown. The album’s second single, “TERROR TEARS,” resounds as a passionate anthem against media manipulation and governmental deceit, resonating with punk and goth-rock-inspired beats.

Set to be released in Fall 2023 via Green Witch Recordings, “A Fiesta and a Hell” promises to be an exploration of contrasts, a resonating testament to Lauren Lakis’ musical evolution. As she defies genre confines and infuses her art with unapologetic honesty, she continues to redefine the boundaries of sonic expression.


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