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The ethereal notes of Lost Cousins’ latest single, “Dreamer,” have taken flight from the collective inspiration of the band’s past and present members. This musical offering delves into the realm of nostalgia while weaving an ode to those who dare to dream unapologetically. With lyrics that orbit around the concept of Dreamers, the song delves deep into the psyche of individuals who invest their very essence in ambitious and creative pursuits. In the landscape of musicians, our way of life is often painted with hues that set us apart, inviting outsiders to peer into our unique universe.

The lyrics of “Dreamer” traverse the intricate journey of realization that many Dreamers grapple with—the delicate balance between the urge to create and the shadows of doubt that accompany such aspirations. Lost Cousins invites listeners to reckon with the bittersweet beauty that accompanies the pursuit of audacious dreams. It’s an anthem that encourages embracing one’s inner dreamer instead of relegating it to the recesses of neglect.

The creative genesis of “Dreamer” took root in the serene ambience of a lakeside cottage and found its sonic form at a mountaintop chalet. The tranquil settings imbued the track with an ethereal and organic quality, enhancing its weightless atmosphere.

The magic was further weaved with the help of co-production by Leon Taheny (known for collaborations with Owen Pallett, Fucked Up, and METZ), and the masterful mixing skills of Chris Shaw (noteworthy for his work with Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco, and Modest Mouse). Their touch seamlessly melded the rhythmic cadence of the dance-inspired sections with the dreamy textures of shoegaze-infused synth strings, guitars, and vocals.

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“Dreamer” beckons as a soundscape meant to be the backdrop for cruising with the windows down on a balmy summer evening, the sun gradually descending on the horizon. Lost Cousins, with their sonic storytelling, offers listeners a chance to let the music transport them into the heart of a reverie, where dreams and melodies intertwine in a seamless dance. As you let the melodies wash over you, remember to embrace your own inner dreamer, for within that realm, the possibilities are endless.


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