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In the ethereal realm of musical collaborations, the birth of Little Lies stands as a testament to the creative synergy between Mikael Nordgren and Anna Maria Espinosa, kindred spirits and long-time companions. With a profound sense of musical camaraderie, these two established virtuosos have embarked on a passionate odyssey named Little Lies, a venture that defies musical boundaries and delves into the kaleidoscope of emotions, weaving tales of heartache, resilience, and human connection through a tapestry of mesmerizing melodies.

The alchemical concoction of Nordgren and Espinosa’s talents is a testament to their refusal to be confined by the rigid chains of the genre. Little Lies takes listeners on a sonorous expedition that traverses pop, rock, and indie, and boldly ventures into uncharted territories of electronic pulses and folk-tinged reveries. As the architect of their sonic landscapes, Anna Maria Espinosa’s vocals, akin to richly textured brushstrokes on a canvas, eloquently narrate each enigmatic tale embedded within the EP, exuding an unfiltered authenticity that resonates with anyone who listens.

In a candid revelation, Little Lies unveiled, “Our inaugural EP serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic odyssey that awaits in our forthcoming opus, ‘Destination Unknown.’ These compositions were meticulously crafted to interweave relatable narratives with a contemporary auditory experience, a homage to the musical luminaries who have inspired us across the ages.” One such gem from this treasure trove, “Us Against The World,” is a luscious symphony of dreamlike textures underscored by a pulsating rhythm, an exquisite contrast to the melancholic verses that traverse matters of the heart. This sonic duality, where poignant lyrics find solace in uplifting melodies, is a hallmark of Little Lies’ prowess.

Anticipation heightens as the curtain lifts on the horizon of Little Lies’ magnum opus, “Destination Unknown,” poised to grace the airwaves later this year. A masterful tapestry of melodies, this concept album embarks on a genre-hopping journey while paying a humble tribute to the indomitable spirit of Fleetwood Mac, a common thread that unites the musical fibres of this dynamic duo. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of sources such as Crosby Stills & Nash, the ethereal musings of Warpaint, the experimental echoes of King Tubby, and the enigmatic charm of Twin Peaks, Little Lies magnificently amalgamates these influences into a harmonious whole.

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The genesis of Little Lies is an artistic testament to the culmination of Nordgren and Espinosa’s individual careers, forged over a decade amidst Sweden’s musical landscape. Anna Maria Espinosa, an illustrious vocal chanteuse, stands tall as one of Sweden’s revered voices. From her solo endeavours to sharing the stage with luminaries like Neneh Cherry, Grammy laureate Billy Paul, and Dexys Midnight Runners’ maestro Kevin Rowland, Espinosa’s vocal prowess has resonated across diverse genres and stages, embodying the very essence of musical versatility.

Complementing this vocal virtuosity is the enigmatic presence of Mikael Nordgren, known in electronic realms as Tiger Stripes. This Stockholm-based maven has carved an indelible niche as an internationally sought-after producer, remix maestro, and DJ. His sonic expeditions have resonated within the hallowed halls of Berghain, the immersive vibes of Panorama Bar in Berlin, and the pulsating heart of Ibiza’s DC-10, painting futuristic soundscapes that bridge continents and cultures.

Together, as Little Lies, this synergistic pairing has conjured an unprecedented aurora, fusing vast reservoirs of experience with innovative production, alongside the resonating echoes of Sweden’s musical legacy. A harmonious concoction that not only captivates the hearts of their compatriots but resonates across borders, transcending language and geography. With each note and lyric, Little Lies invites us into a realm where music transcends mere sound, morphing into a vessel for shared human stories and emotions, ready to leave an indelible mark on the global soundscape.


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