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In the vibrant realm of alt-R&B, one artist emerges with a fearless determination to bare her soul. Allen Anjeh, an embodiment of bold fashion and unapologetic expression, seamlessly weaves together her diverse cultural tapestry to craft a musical narrative that’s uniquely her own. Rooted in her upbringing as a child in Cameroon and later as a teenager in Denmark, Anjeh’s musical odyssey is a symphony of experiences and emotions that transcends borders.

Anjeh’s sonic palette was forged through a myriad of influences that painted the backdrop of her childhood. From the pulsating rhythms of 90s hip-hop icons like Nas, Biggie, and 50 Cent, to the empowering vibrations of Destiny’s Child and the avant-garde aura of Missy Elliott’s visuals on MTV, her musical foundation was eclectic and potent. Yet, the cultural fabric ran deeper as her grandmother’s Cameroonian classics, the resonating melodies of Manu Di Bango, and the revolutionary spirit of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti, added a richly hued layer to the sonic mosaic.

Her narrative took an unexpected twist at the tender age of 12 when Anjeh uprooted her life to join her mother in Copenhagen, Denmark. Music swiftly became her sanctuary as she found solace in the school choir, captivating hearts with her resounding solos. Yet, it was a whimsical decision to sign up for X-Factor with a close friend that catalyzed her journey into the limelight. Though the experience left mixed feelings, her presence as the sole black contestant resonated deeply within the black-Danish community, sparking a flame of recognition that would set her course.

A serendipitous encounter reunited her with Danish music producers Esben Zefting and Mark Fosnæs, catalyzing a transformative journey of self-discovery. They nurtured her songwriting, guiding her towards a path where her voice found its rightful place. Anjeh’s music marries harmoniously with her passion for fashion, reflecting a fusion of African vibrancy and Danish elegance, an artistry that led to a fruitful collaboration with fashion giant H&M.

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In Anjeh’s artistry, her songs are a mirror of her life’s kaleidoscope. Crafted from her unique odyssey of growing up amidst two contrasting worlds, her musical narratives are poignant reflections of vulnerability, love, frustration, and compassion. Her upcoming debut EP, “Ó mmɛ ne,” a poignant phrase meaning “This is me,” encapsulates her essence. Each track encapsulates her intricate interplay of internal and external dimensions, an attempt to harmonize complexities in a musical symphony.

Anjeh’s creative fire blazes from the outset, drawing us into her magnetic orbit. As her upcoming debut EP beckons, we stand on the brink of an artistic tempest. Allen Anjeh’s fusion of individuality, audacity, and profound musicality is poised to sweep the world off its feet, igniting a new era in the realm of alt-R&B.

Speaking about the single, Allen said “Once in A Million” is about relationships that feel one-sided and never reciprocated. One of those relationships or friendships where you feel like you’re continually making sacrifices and the other person just sits back and takes full advantage of you.


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