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In the charming town of Bari, nestled in the heart of Italy, a musical maven was destined to emerge. Giuseppe Tria, known by his evocative moniker “Kisnou,” surfaced into the realm of soundscapes in 1997. But his journey wasn’t that of the usual prodigy, but rather a tale woven with the threads of fate, emotions, and a symphonic escape.

From the dawn of his existence, Kisnou’s ears were attuned to the harmonies of life. Yet, curiously, he never wielded an instrument or even dreamt of musical stardom. Instead, his life unfurled with a series of unremarkable moments, which eventually coalesced into a tempest of melancholy, anxiety, and trepidation. These emotions, simmering like molten lava beneath the surface, were destined for an eruption.

But oh, what a wondrous eruption it was! The turmoil within Kisnou’s soul transmuted into an unquenchable yearning for a brighter existence, igniting the flames of hope. In the depths of this emotional maelstrom, an unexpected saviour emerged: music. What was once a refuge, swiftly metamorphosed into a sanctuary.

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As the years flowed by, Kisnou underwent a transformation as profound as a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. The notion dawned upon him that music wasn’t merely a shield against the world’s harshness; it was a beckoning call, an invitation from the universe to carve his path. With no formal training, a self-imposed education, and an irrepressible audial intuition, Kisnou embarked on his sonic sojourn at the tender age of 18, crafting symphonies guided purely by his acute sense of hearing.

The name “Kisnou” itself is pregnant with meaning. Derived from the term “Kismet,” it encapsulates the essence of destiny, a destiny that initially seemed fraught with nightmares. But then, a melody entered the fray, a melodic oracle that whispered secrets only Kisnou could decipher.

Kisnou’s compositions aren’t mere songs; they are auditory tapestries woven from the fabric of his being. His music mirrors his struggles, hopes, and the profound realization that fate’s capricious hand had moulded him into a minstrel of emotion. With every ethereal note, Kisnou spins his tale, replete with the catharsis of his own journey.

From the quaint streets of Bari to the farthest reaches of the human heart, Kisnou’s melodies resonate as a testament to the transformative power of music. His story isn’t that of a traditional maestro, but of an individual who found solace, purpose, and ultimately, himself, amidst the harmonies of existence. So, next time you immerse yourself in the hypnotic cadence of Kisnou’s creations, remember that within those melodies lies a chronicle of fate embraced, a destiny reclaimed, and a symphony of the soul.


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