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Get ready to bask in the shimmering glow of The Projectors, as they unveil their self-titled debut LP, a vibrant collection of songs that will make your heart skip a beat. Released under the esteemed Sakamano Records label, this musical journey is accompanied by a visually captivating video for their irresistible track, “Golden Age.” Led by the prodigiously talented singer/songwriter Dylan Rysstad, The Projectors have crafted a sonic universe that traces its origins back to Rysstad’s creative outpouring in 2019.

In his own words, Rysstad candidly shares, “When the first couple of songs, ‘When the Lights Came Up’ and ‘Golden Age,’ came to life, I fully embraced the influences that were shaping my sound. There was no intention to conceal the fact that it resonated with someone else’s artistry. These songs, which I have poured my heart and soul into, represent the kind of music I yearn to create and immerse myself in. Ironically, they feel like the most authentic expression of ‘me’.”

That elusive “someone else” Rysstad alludes to is none other than the sensational rock ensemble, The Strokes. Their impact is palpable, both in The Projectors’ electrifying live performances and their enthralling recorded tracks. The remaining songs on the album were birthed in moments of inspired brilliance, spurred on by the formation of a band that breathed life into Rysstad’s new musical vision. However, the completion and release of their eagerly anticipated album were marred by the cruel grasp of the pandemic, with lockdowns and safety precautions delaying its arrival.

Leading the charge, the infectious single “Golden Age” invites you to surrender to its danceable rhythms and uplifts your spirit as it explores the labyrinthine paths of modern romance and relationships. “And it’s okay if you don’t write me back. It’s only been forever. And it’s okay, it’s the golden age of indifference. So what’s the difference now?” These lyrics form a melodic and lyrical testament to a bygone era, reminiscent of the carefree days in the early aughts when The Strokes’ “Last Nite” resounded from every rock radio station, and skinny jeans held sway as the epitome of cool.

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Hailing from the creative hotbed of Victoria, BC, The Projectors consist of a formidable five-piece lineup. At the helm is the indomitable singer/songwriter Dylan Rysstad, known for his involvement in notable acts such as Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club, The Jolts, and Mandelbaums. Joining him is the exceptional guitarist Robbie Shirriff, whose previous endeavours include Old Towns and Bufflehead. Rounding out the guitar section is the dynamic Dustin Tiljoe, whose talents have graced acts like Surveyors and The Smears. Conor Brandt, a bass virtuoso who has lent his skills to Rampant Lion and Good Grief, anchors the rhythm section, alongside the rhythmic prowess of Evan Matthiesen, known for his contributions to The This and Fall Fair Car.

As the calendar turns to 2023, The Projectors find themselves on the precipice of an exhilarating journey, with a bevvy of festivals and tours awaiting them. They are slated to share stages with the likes of Daniel Romano’s Outfit and The Dirty Nil, promising an eclectic blend of sounds and genres. Drawing parallels with Romano’s chameleonic abilities in effortlessly traversing musical landscapes, Dylan Rysstad boasts an extensive and diverse catalogue that spans the realms of folk, country, and even hardcore punk. Their varied backgrounds and influences have converged in a remarkable collaboration on Rysstad’s fifth solo release, “Halfway Houses,” where the artistic synergy between him and Romano blossomed.

The Projectors have swiftly carved a niche for themselves as a band on the rise, generating a palpable buzz within the indie rock scene. Their music possesses an enigmatic allure that captivates die-hard aficionados of the genre, while also captivating the uninitiated listener who may not yet be acquainted with the likes of Guided by Voices or The Replacements. With their debut record exuding undeniable strength and charisma, The Projectors are primed for the spotlight, eager to illuminate stages far and wide.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The dawn of a new day heralds an abundance of fresh material waiting to be recorded, a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft. As they amass a growing legion of fans, their hunger for touring intensifies, fueling their ambition to traverse new territories and connect with audiences far and wide.

2023 holds the promise of being a whirlwind year for The Projectors, as they continue to ride the crest of their creative wave. Festival stages beckon, ready to be electrified by their dynamic presence. With the opportunity to share the limelight alongside musical luminaries like Daniel Romano’s Outfit and The Dirty Nil, The Projectors are poised to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing performances and undeniable talent.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned to the radiant sounds of The Projectors as they navigate the ever-shifting currents of the music industry. Their debut LP serves as a potent introduction, heralding the arrival of a band with the power to shape and redefine the indie rock landscape. With an unquenchable thirst for artistic expression and an unwavering dedication to their craft, The Projectors stand ready to leave an indelible mark on the music world.

Live dates
Wed. June 28 in Jasper @ The Jasper Legion
Thu. June 29 in Edmonton @ The Buckingham w/ Counterfeit Jeans
Fri. June 30 in Calgary @ Modern Love / Broken City w/ Real Sickies & The Dial-Ups
Sat. July 1 in Vernon @ Record City / BBDB’s w/ The Minx!
Sun. July 2 in Vancouver @ The Lido w/ Real Sickies


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