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Guess who’s back, just in time to heat up your late summer playlists? It’s none other than the sensational retro pop girl group ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES, and they’ve returned to the #electroswing scene with a bang! Get ready to celebrate life at 100% as this bright and bubbly quintet takes you on a musical journey like no other.

Their latest offering, “100,” is not just a song; it’s a vibrant tribute to one of their own, a member who shone as brightly as this track but is sadly no longer with us. Shot against the backdrop of their beloved hometown, LONDON, the accompanying video is a testament to their love and dedication. With jazzy vocal harmonies that’ll send shivers down your spine, a four-to-the-floor beat that’s impossible not to dance to, and funky brass riffs that groove like no other, “100” serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come on the Belles’ highly anticipated debut album. Get ready, because we can’t wait to share that musical gem with you soon.

ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES aren’t just your average musicians; they’re vintage lifestyle icons who have graced the pages of prestigious broadsheets and become regulars at events like GOODWOOD REVIVAL. These retro trendsetters have even earned the admiration of Glastonbury Festival programmer Chris Tofu, who called them “The most saleable Electro Swing act I’ve ever seen.”

Their sound is a delightful fusion of classic ’60s soul and the charm of ’50s girl groups, all wrapped up in a modern, joyful, and slightly mischievous package. In the musical family of their record label, they find themselves in perfect harmony alongside other artists like THE SPEAKEASY THREE and LITTLE VIOLET.

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So, remember the names: Elle, Michaela, Chloé, Cat, and Joanna—these are the talented individuals who make up ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES. With “100,” they’re not just swinging back into the spotlight; they’re bringing their own unique brand of retro-infused magic to electrify your senses once more. Don’t miss out on the fun; get ready to dance, groove, and celebrate life at full throttle with ELLE & THE POCKET BELLES.


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