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In an era where envy seems to have seeped into the very fabric of society, both as individuals and as a collective, we can’t deny its pervasive influence. Much of this envy is undoubtedly a byproduct of our constant engagement with the digital realm, where the pressure to post, grow, and consume relentlessly looms over us, promising a ticket to the grand stage of social media stardom. But what’s the cost of this relentless comparison game? It often leaves us feeling diminutive, dwarfed by the seemingly idyllic personas that populate our online world.

As a band, we decided to confront this formidable theme head-on during the creative process of our debut full-length album, fittingly titled “ENVY.” Each track on the album is imbued with a subtle reflection of this overarching theme, a reflection of the envy-laden society we find ourselves in.

“Living In My Head,” the album’s opening track, marked a significant departure from our usual songwriting process. It was crafted primarily remotely, a pivot we made during the pandemic when we had no choice but to use recording software to bring our musical ideas to life. In the past, our songs had always been born in the same room, with all of us present, feeding off each other’s energy.

Adapting to this new method presented its fair share of challenges, but it also granted us the space to meticulously refine each individual component, resulting in nuanced and intricate layers that serve the greater whole of the song.

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More than anything, the creation of this album has been a humbling journey. It forced us to confront our own limitations and acknowledge where we needed personal growth to elevate our craft, both as instrumentalists and as songwriters. While we hold our previous releases in high regard, they paved the way for us to collaborate with some incredibly talented producers. However, these opportunities also revealed the gaps in our skillset. In essence, we became students once more, seizing the chance to evolve and improve.

“ENVY” is not just an album; it’s a reflection of our times, an exploration of the emotions that swirl within us all. It’s an invitation to confront the envy that lurks in the shadows and, ultimately, to embrace personal growth. Through this musical journey, we hope to not only entertain but also to inspire introspection and dialogue. So, join us as we sail through the seas of envy, navigating the intricate passages of our debut album, and rediscovering the power of humility and self-improvement along the way.


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