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Nestled in the heart of Stockholm’s vibrant music scene, The Connecting Dots is a band that thrives on the allure of melody and the enchantment of songcraft. Led by the magnetic songstress Helena Sundstrom, this alternative pop/rock outfit has been casting a spell on music enthusiasts since its inception. Drawing inspiration from a diverse palette of musical luminaries including Beach House, Blondie, The Clash, Chromatics, Lana Del Rey, Sharon Van Etten, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Suede, and Kate Bush, The Connecting Dots is an eclectic fusion of sounds that traverses the landscapes of 70’s power pop, 80’s synth, and 90’s indie. Their music, a contemporary tapestry with a nostalgic thread, beckons listeners into a realm of auditory enchantment.

In 2021, The Connecting Dots unveiled their debut masterpiece, “Oblivious Beat,” a musical voyage that transcends time and space. Released on streaming platforms and vinyl by Direct Lines Records, this album is a poetic exploration of themes like time, escapism, memories, and the grand dreams that often unfold in bustling cityscapes. The cinematic quality of their compositions, intertwined with the allure of analogue synthesizers, crafts an exquisite soundtrack fit for a silver screen.

“Oblivious Beat” made waves across the globe, captivating audiences in the USA, Canada, South America, Great Britain, and Germany. Shortly after its release, The Connecting Dots inked a deal with London-based sync powerhouse OML, paving the way for their music to grace commercials, Netflix, and other television productions.

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The band’s creative momentum didn’t wane even in the face of a global pandemic that kept them away from live stages. Helena and her steadfast musical partner, Johan Borg, immersed themselves in the studio, birthing their sophomore opus, “Treasures In The Valley,” in the fall of 2022. This time, their sonic canvas leaned toward rock with more expansive choruses and a richer variety of sonic hues.

As we step into 2023, The Connecting Dots continue their musical journey, gifting us a brand-new single titled “In The Arms Of A Stranger.” This track marks a thrilling departure from their previous work, exuding a sultry and seductive 80’s electronic ballad vibe. It embodies the essence of a pop composition, boasting a laid-back verse, a resounding chorus, a mesmerizing middle-eight, a scorching guitar solo, and a captivating outro – all the classic ingredients of a hit.

“In The Arms Of A Stranger” arrives as a standalone single, a torchbearer to keep the musical flame burning brightly between albums. It’s a dedication to all the solitary souls yearning to be seen and touched, a resounding anthem for those who ache for someone to turn their world upside down, even if only for a fleeting moment.

We hope this mesmerizing composition finds a cherished place on your playlists. Let it serenade you on a cosy autumn night, and remember, you’re never truly alone when music like this is your companion.


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