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In the heart of the bustling New York City music scene, Glassio has emerged as a cornerstone of Indie-Electronic excellence, driven by the melodic and lyrically enigmatic songcraft of Irish-Persian musician, Sam R. Over the course of seven illustrious years, they’ve not only captivated audiences worldwide but also racked up millions of streams online, solidifying their status as a beloved fixture in the industry.

At the core of Glassio’s allure is their unique fusion of melodic sweetness with brooding dance beats, a sonic concoction that traverses the vast landscape from Big Beat to Chamber Pop to New Wave influences. Born and raised in Sharjah, Middle East, and Monterey, California, Sam R. had his musical epiphany listening to the harmonious echoes of Pet Sounds and Graceland during his morning commute. “It was the juxtaposition of hearing Brian Wilson’s harmonies in a barren, desert-like Arabian landscape that sowed the seeds for my passion in crafting music that blends diverse influences and challenges conventional instrument associations,” Sam elucidates.

Their debut EP, “Poptimism,” in 2016, set ablaze the music scene with the lead single “Try Much Harder,” scaling the dizzying heights of No. 9 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts. Singles followed, and in 2018, the “Age of Experience” EP further cemented Glassio’s reputation as a musical act that seamlessly marries electronic beats with compelling storytelling, proving that the two are indeed a match made in musical heaven.

In 2020, Glassio dropped their full-length album, “For The Very Last Time,” via Downtown Music, amassing over 7 million online streams and earning recognition from Bandcamp as one of the year’s best electronic albums. This record featured guest vocals from the talented Brooklyn-based songwriter Daneshevskaya. Their subsequent album, “See You Shine,” made significant waves in Europe, reaching No. 1 on multiple iTunes Charts globally. The album’s lead single, “Breakaway,” even found its way into the soundtracks of Amazon Studios’ “Don’t Make Me Go” and Netflix’s “Locke and Key.”

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Looking ahead to 2023 and 2024, Glassio promises a series of thrilling collaborative singles, starting with “A Friend Like You,” featuring the LA-based Indie-Dream-Pop sensation, Beauty Queen. Subsequently, they will unleash “Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?” featuring Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide, setting the stage for a captivating musical journey.

Enter the enchanting realm of Beauty Queen, the dreamy indie-pop project masterminded by the gifted Katie Iannitello. With the musical prowess of indie darlings Tennis guiding the way, Beauty Queen crafts ethereal, sun-soaked melodies that have been making waves across the bedroom pop scene.

Beauty Queen’s sound strikes a perfect balance between the contemporary and the nostalgically charming, making it the ideal soundtrack for those moments of introspection, whether they occur at a high school dance or in the quiet solitude of your own thoughts. Collaborating with the renowned husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of indie-pop fame Tennis was a dream come true for Iannitello, who counts them among her most significant musical influences.

“The way they worked together was truly inspiring,” she reflects on the creative synergy that unfolded during the recording of “Sweet Memory” and “Two of Us” in their Denver, Colorado studio.

With bold synthesizers and a matured artistic direction, Beauty Queen’s forthcoming music marks a courageous coming-of-age from the lo-fi teenage dreams that defined “Out of Touch.” The EP, a sun-soaked daydream brought to life by Iannitello and produced by Henry Nowhere (Daywave), captured the hearts of music critics, including Line of Best Fit and Highclouds, with its effervescent guitars and entrancing synths.

The influence of Katie’s laidback Hawaiian upbringing is evident in her music, characterised by languid song structures and a distant detachment from contemporary pop culture. Instead, she channels her deep appreciation for music from bygone eras, particularly the 1950s, infusing her own indie charm into every note. Iannitello’s dulcet vocals remain a cornerstone of her music, resonating with a timeless quality that transcends generations, breathing life into both her new music and the EP, both of which pay homage to the art of classic songwriting with an indie twist.


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