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In a mesmerizing collision of eternal love and dissonant soundscape, Copenhagen’s very own musical maven, Brace yourselves, because this track is just a sneak peek of the auditory journey that awaits us on her upcoming debut album, “Devotion,” slated to grace our ears later this year.

“Forever” is more than just your typical love song. Beneath the veneer of pink-tinged romanticism lies a musical tapestry woven with intricate subtleties. Lisha masterfully blends ethereal melodies, haunting chants, and impulsive beat and chord changes, crafting an unpredictable auditory space that showcases the artistry of an independent creator unafraid to shatter the confines of a fragmented yet harmonious reality.

Lisha herself delves into the lyrical depths, revealing, “The words in ‘Forever’ narrate the surrender to another’s emotional embrace. It’s that sensation where love becomes the very core of your existence, rendering your life purposeful and complete. As I penned ‘Forever,’ my own love story evolved, leaving me with the overwhelming notion of entrusting my life and happiness to another soul, unable to let go. All I yearned for was to remain in that blissful moment indefinitely, no matter the cost.”

When it comes to genre, Lisha defies categorization, dancing gracefully between the realms of trip-hop, alternative, and R&B. The boundaries between joy and heartbreak blur in the sonic landscape of “Forever,” leaving listeners pondering whether it’s a jubilant or wounded heart that takes centre stage.

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Yet, one thing remains crystal clear within Lisha’s musical domain—her unyielding commitment to diversity, her relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of expectation, and, above all, her unwavering determination to navigate the ever-shifting currents of life’s journey, a path that often tosses us about like flotsam in turbulent waters.

Behind the moniker, Lisha stands Julie Boda, a luminary in Copenhagen’s vibrant music scene. Her upcoming debut album, “Devotion,” promises to be a testament to her boundless creativity and musical prowess. So, dear music aficionados, mark your calendars for the release of “Forever,” and get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the multifaceted world of Lisha.


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