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In the bustling, ever-evolving soundscape of unsigned artists, emerges a talent that’s been steadily honing her craft. Magalie, a rising star in the making, has just unleashed her latest sonic creation upon the world – “Rejection.”

Picture this: It’s 2022, and Magalie finds herself on a train, headed towards her vocal lessons. As the world whizzes by outside her window, she puts pen to paper, pouring her heart and soul into the creation of “Rejection.” Little did she know that this simple train ride would give birth to a song that would soon resonate with so many.

Magalie’s musical journey began with the thrill of gigging, performing heartfelt covers that captivated audiences. But deep within, she harbored a burning desire to weave her own narratives through the language of music. For the past two years, she’s been diligently at work, crafting songs that are poignant, relatable, and deeply personal – a testament to her journey through life. “Rejection,” in particular, stands as a testament to the universal experience of grappling with life’s inevitable setbacks.

But wait, there’s more to Magalie’s message. She’s not just creating music; she’s offering a musical lifeline, a lifeline that says, “Don’t take rejection personally.” Magalie understands that rejection is an uncomfortable, often painful part of life, whether it’s in relationships or the workplace. Through her art, she gently reminds us that these rejections, though challenging, don’t define our worth.

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With “Rejection” as a stellar introduction, Magalie is gearing up to grace us with more of her soul-stirring melodies. Keep an ear out for “My Fall” and “Sahara,” two gems currently in the works. These are not just songs; they’re windows into Magalie’s world, her experiences, and her unique perspective on life.

In the vast galaxy of unsigned artists, Magalie is a bright star on the rise, and “Rejection” is her celestial offering – a piece of her heart and a melody for our souls. Stay tuned, because Magalie’s musical journey is just beginning, and we’re all invited along for the ride.


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