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In the heart of the Big Apple, singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green unveils her innermost emotional world through both her lyrical prowess and unique sonic landscape. With lyrics that bare her soul and a voice that carries the weight of her experiences, she offers listeners an immediate and profound connection to her heartfelt storytelling, leaving an indelible mark long after the final notes fade away.

Emily’s journey as a songwriter began during her high school years when she crafted and performed her original compositions. However, as fate would have it, at the tender age of 17, she found herself grappling with the debilitating grip of anxiety and panic. This overwhelming struggle compelled her to shelve her musical aspirations for nearly two decades. But in 2019, a decisive moment arrived, and she made a resolute choice: it was now or never. With unwavering determination, Emily began pouring her heart and soul back into her music.

Her artistic rebirth took shape on platforms like Patreon, where she courageously posted heartfelt cover songs, allowing her fans an intimate glimpse into her musical evolution. Just a year later, Emily’s talent found its moment in the spotlight when her rendition of “Greasy Frybread” was featured in the credits of Season 1, Episode 4 of FX’s critically acclaimed series, “Reservation Dogs.”

For Emily, songwriting is her sanctuary—a space where she grants herself the freedom to confront her truth head-on. Through her music, she processes her emotions without judgment, letting each song be a candid reflection of the parts of herself that still bear the weight of old wounds.

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In an industry often characterized by façades and pretence, Emily Nicole Green stands as an artist who fearlessly delves into the depths of her emotional wellspring. Her music is a testament to resilience, vulnerability, and the power of self-expression, reminding us all that sometimes the most profound melodies emerge from the darkest corners of our hearts.


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