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Picture a musical adventurer, diving headlong into the realm of mash-up creation. They’re a fearless trailblazer, fearlessly remixing electronic and trap/drill tracks. Drawing inspiration from the likes of musical luminaries such as Todd Edwards, Vegyn, and the enigmatic Fred again, this audacious creator decided to infuse their own creative essence into this daring fusion of two musical worlds, both birthed from the mystical realm of computer-assisted music production (MAO).

The journey begins with the selection of a track that beckons, resonates with their very soul. Armed with this chosen canvas, they embark on a sonic transformation. Stretching, slicing, and pitch adjustments breathe new life into the source material, offering a fresh and electrifying perspective. But the magic doesn’t stop there. To elevate its power, especially during the pulse-pounding choruses, they introduce the heartbeat of any formidable composition – the symbiotic duo of drum beats and a tantalizing bassline. Precisely timed kick hits, every four beats, lay down a foundation so robust it compels the listener to move in rhythm, dedicating tireless hours to refining the mix, harmonizing a myriad of drum elements and primary percussion.

The next challenge is no small feat – the incorporation of the lead vocal, a task that demands unwavering attention and unwavering significance. The creative journey leads down multiple sonic rabbit holes, exploring ideas that veer into the inconclusive. Yet, in this aural labyrinth, they uncover a vocal sound that, while residing in a different key, maintains a harmonious connection within a minor scale. Stretching and tuning its pitch, they ensure it nestles seamlessly into the composition, aligning perfectly in terms of key and timing.

This is where the magic truly unfolds. Musical interplay with the vocal track enriches the entire piece. Certain phrases are masterfully repeated, creating an inviting sense of familiarity, immersing the listener in the very essence of repetition, mirroring the vocal track’s core theme. But our intrepid artist isn’t done yet. They deploy their trusty VST ShaperBox 3 to add depth and texture to the vocal sound, a canvas for exploring nuanced tones and tantalizing shades. Words overlap at times, crafting a tapestry of auditory wonder, even if the meaning isn’t always crystal clear. Yet, this intricate layer dances in seamless harmony with the overarching production, a guiding light for those hesitant about venturing into the instrumental track.

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The adventure continues with a melodic bridge, an enchanting juncture designed to evoke a touch of drama or melancholy. Here, the spotlight shifts to the piano and chords, their volume gradually swelling until the second chorus. Afterward, they gracefully fade into obscurity, becoming almost imperceptible, or vanishing entirely.

In this bold and inventive venture, our creative music architect weaves together a sonic tapestry of innovation, breathing new life into tracks from two distinct universes. The result is a mesmerising auditory experience that defies the boundaries between electronic and trap/drill genres, forging a unique path through the ever-evolving landscape of modern music.


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