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In a symphony of sonic rebellion, the band Little Lies unshackles their creative spirits, forging a musical manifesto that transcends the confines of convention. Their latest track, “Roadblocks,” emerges as an auditory emancipation, an anthem for those yearning to break free and seize life’s uncharted realms with an unapologetic fervor.

As they dive headlong into the kaleidoscope of sound, “Roadblocks” marries the ethereal echoes of space-rock luminaries like Bowie and Fleetwood Mac with the pulsating disco rhythms of the pioneering maestros, Giorgio Moroder and Chic. This concoction, enshrouded with a beguiling Twin Peaks mystique, transforms “Roadblocks” into a veritable chameleon of music—a track equally at home igniting dance floors as it is serenading nocturnal city drives.

Little Lies, a passion-fueled collaboration between the seasoned virtuosos Mikael Nordgren and Anna Maria Espinosa, charts a boundless voyage across the sonic spectrum. Their compositions oscillate freely, channeling a plethora of emotions through heartfelt lyrics and irresistibly infectious melodies. But to merely label them as “genre-benders” would be an understatement, for they are musical chameleons, shape-shifting through pop, rock, indie, and even the uncharted territories of electronica and disco.

Photo credit: Martin Landl

Anna Maria Espinosa, an established Swedish songstress, brings a resumé brimming with accolades. She has lent her exquisite vocals to luminaries such as Neneh Cherry, Grammy-awarded soul sensation Billy Paul, and Dexys Midnight Runners’ pop maestro, Kevin Rowland. Her career’s tapestry is interwoven with Sweden’s musical elite, both on stage and in the studio, an indomitable force of the vocal realm.

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Mikael Nordgren, known by his alter ego Tiger Stripes, has carved his name into the global electronic music annals. As a sought-after underground producer, remix virtuoso, and DJ, he has set dance floors ablaze in the hallowed halls of Berghain, the magnetic pull of Panorama Bar, the iconic Ministry of Sound, and the electrifying grounds of Secret Project Festival. From Berlin to Miami and back, Tiger Stripes’ futuristic techno has orchestrated unforgettable sonic journeys.

Together, as Little Lies, this dynamic duo concocts a potent elixir. They meld their wealth of experience with innovative production artistry and one of Sweden’s most illustrious voices. Little Lies have their sights set on an ambitious horizon—one that extends far beyond their homeland’s borders. With their music, they are poised to conquer not only the hearts of their fellow Swedes but also those across the globe. Prepare for an expedition into the auditory unknown, as Little Lies emerge as torchbearers of boundless, genre-defying artistry.


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