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illegitim’s forthcoming EP, “emoll,” invites us into a dreamscape that feeds the depths of the soul while delving into those precarious moments when the fragments of our existence lay scattered before us. This project isn’t just an auditory experience; it’s a heartfelt journey through the artist’s inner world.

Whenever her heart chills with the icy grip of introspection, illegitim takes to her creative refuge, penning down her thoughts and dilemmas until the wee hours of the morning. Each track on this EP, primarily driven by the piano, fuses elements of singer-songwriter introspection, the lyrical intricacies of rap, and the poignant beauty of poetry. These are compositions that evoke the heart and stir the imagination, creating a sound that’s both evocative and eloquent.

One distinctive aspect of “emoll” is the fact that the entire EP was crafted under the watchful eyes and creative touch of Leyla Lamour, illegitim’s partner. Their collaborative effort not only adds a layer of shared artistic sensibility but also introduces a special dimension to the music through Leyla’s featured contribution. It’s a testament to the power of artistic partnerships and the deep connection between these two creative souls.

As we listen to “emoll,” illegitim gracefully transforms the trials and tribulations of her life into vivid, relatable pictures. With a deft hand and a poetic approach, she invites us to witness her journey from the shadowed corners of her darker times towards the boundless horizon of hope and self-discovery. Each track is a brushstroke on the canvas of her life, painting not just her own experiences but also the universal human quest for understanding and meaning.

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Through the magic of music, illegitim becomes a storyteller, a guide, and a mirror for us all. “emoll” isn’t just an EP; it’s a sonic tapestry of emotions, dreams, and aspirations, inviting us to delve into the enigmatic realms of her artistry and find echoes of our own experiences along the way.


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