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Introducing the enchanting sounds of Komorebi Garden, where “See My Will” unfurls like a lush musical garden, teeming with shimmering R&B vibes, infused with organic Nordic elements, and exuding an ethereal grace. This dynamic track marks the emergence of a shape-shifting musical duo from the heart of Denmark. “Komorebi,” a beautifully poetic Japanese term, paints a vivid picture of sunbeams filtering through the leaves, and it’s under the canopy of this imagery that Ronja Andersson and Eigil Hein have found their creative sanctuary, a space they’ve aptly named Komorebi Garden.

These two multi-instrumentalists exhibit a genuine fondness for the classic analog sounds, harnessing the primal power and grandeur of organic musical forms. Yet, they are not content to linger solely in the past; they share a profound curiosity about the modern world’s digital marvels and the art of sound manipulation. Much like a botanical garden in a distant cosmic realm, Komorebi Garden cultivates a sonic landscape that blends ethereal grace with uncompromising progression.

In the mesmerising “See My Will,” Ronja and Eigil showcase their shape-shifting approach to music, delivering a message of boundless possibility. The song is an ode to the spirit of self-discovery, a reminder that amidst a world often obsessed with perfection, the raw and imperfect aspects of humanity make us truly unique.

In the words of these young talents, aged 20 and 21, “We live in a world where many people are busy doing well, doing things right, looking good and maintaining a perfect facade. We seem to forget that the more unpolished flaws of humanity are just as much a part of us – flaws we should acknowledge and accept! The will that grows is the will and courage to be yourself. The will grows out of the ground in the forest, in nature… in human nature.”

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“See My Will” not only heralds the dawn of Komorebi Garden but also paves the way for their debut album, ‘Weave,’ set to be unleashed on November 10th through the independent Copenhagen label, 100blaa. With their entrancing blend of musical elements, Komorebi Garden promises to be a captivating force to watch in the music scene.


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