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The Irish pop sensation, Rachael O’Connor, is set to enchant us once more with the arrival of her latest release, ‘Start of Something,’ this autumn. This mood-elevating, energetic pop-power sing-along showcases Rachael’s vocal prowess against a backdrop of breezy production, offering a nostalgic nod to 90s pop classics and influences that we’ve come to cherish.

In her own words, Rachael shares the inspiration behind this infectiously delightful tune: “I originally wrote this song back in 2016 with Sam Merrifield (known for his work with Mimi Webb and Lewis Capaldi) and Hannah Wilson (of The Pussycat Dolls, Tove Lo, HRVY, and Galantis fame). I was 19, freshly single, and savouring life with my friends who affectionately joked that I fell in love way too quickly – a fact I can’t deny. I adore the thrill of meeting someone new, locking eyes for the first time, those initial nerves that prevent you from playing it cool, and the butterflies and fireworks that accompany the experience. This is where ‘Start of Something’ (SOS) was born. It’s all about that moment when you spot someone from across the room and instantly daydream about your own ‘happily ever after,’ even if it might not turn out that way. It’s all in good fun. This is an upbeat, joyous love song that I can’t wait to share with the world.”

Rachael O’Connor’s career has been on a meteoric rise, with her recent whirlwind tour alongside the legendary Duran Duran. Her journey began at just 16 years old when she graced our TV screens as the youngest contestant on The Voice UK, catching the eye of none other than Kylie Minogue, who took her under her wing as a coach. Her journey since then has been nothing short of extraordinary, including performances with Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance,’ an appearance at the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022, and even a guest spot on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in the United States.

Recently, Rachael has been hard at work crafting a collection of new songs, many of which have been written and recorded in the heart of pop music, Stockholm, Sweden. Among these gems lies ‘Start of Something,’ an electrifying and heart-racing rendition that encapsulates the thrill of meeting someone new. The song is a meticulously balanced, rhythmically spirited, and vocally awe-inspiring summer pop anthem. Collaborating with Swedish producer Johannes Willinder (known for his work with GIRLI and TWICE) has infused the track with its own unique edge, making it a true musical gem.

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And the good news doesn’t stop there. With more enchanting tunes in the pipeline, thanks to ongoing collaborations with Hannah Wilson and Sam Merrifield, 2023 promises to be a year filled with new singles as Rachael continues to lead us on her mesmerizing musical journey.


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