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In the expansive realm of music, evolution is the life force that propels artists into uncharted territories of creativity. Enter Darren and Lee, the formidable pair steering the sonic revolution under the banner of Participant. Formerly recognized for their roles in bands like Kill Chaos and Servers, these two musicians have embarked on a new chapter, weaving a musical tapestry that defies categorization.

The narrative unfolds during the gradual dissolution of their former band projects. Darren, hailing from the potent sounds of Kill Chaos, and Lee, renowned for his contributions to Servers, found themselves at a musical crossroads. This period of change unveiled a serendipitous meeting, exposing their shared musical language and a reservoir of untapped creative energy.

What began as a side project soon burgeoned into a full-fledged love affair with music. The undeniable chemistry between Darren and Lee led them to embrace the opportunity to carve their own sonic path without the constraints of external pressures. The outcome? A musical expedition propelled by passion, authenticity, and an unwavering refusal to adhere to genre norms.

In Darren and Lee’s musical universe, boundaries are non-existent. Embracing a DIY ethos, they autonomously produce their tracks, driven solely by the desire to have fun and create infectious rock music, unburdened by pretentiousness or faux grandeur. In Darren’s words, “We’ll write whatever we want to write.”

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With familiar voices echoing from their previous endeavours, Darren and Lee assure listeners that their music will always bear the unmistakable imprint of Participant. Whether delving into thunderous, electrifying beats or exploring the electronic soundscape, the duo remains committed to their artistic vision, offering a sonic signature that resonates.

The musical journey is only in its infancy for this dynamic duo, and they’re wasting no time. The initial tracks released signify the commencement of a steady flow of music, with an entire album’s worth of material already amassed in their creative arsenal. “We’ll probably just keep releasing throughout this and next year. Who knows? We don’t,” says Darren, inviting curiosity about the unpredictable nature of their artistic exploration.

In a world where musical genres often act as limiting labels, Darren and Lee emerge as pioneers of sonic liberation, steering the Participant ship. Their journey from the past to the present is a testament to the potency of unleashed creativity and the enchantment that ensues when two passionate musicians unite. As they persist in defying expectations and releasing music imbued with authenticity, one thing is assured – the evolution of Darren and Lee, now as part of Participant, is a sonic expedition worth embarking upon.


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