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In the realm of music, where art meets emotion and creativity intertwines with spontaneity, Noom stands as a unique and vibrant force. Guided by his heart and soul, Noom envisions his musical productions as more than just notes and melodies – they are entrusted to him by something magical and elusive, a force that compels him to convey a message to the people of the earth.

Sensitive to the beauty inherent in everyday life, Noom marvels at the intricacies of fruits, landscapes, and social interactions. His artistic vision is not confined to the conventional; rather, it seeks to transcend boundaries and elevate the human experience through the power of music.

What sets Noom apart is not just his ability to create, but his innate talent for discovering unknown yet incredibly gifted singers. In his quest to sublimate his art and vision, Noom spends countless hours in his recording studio, aiming to capture the elusive moment that defines his musical creations.

The turning point in Noom’s approach came during a magical studio session in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, an artist spontaneously lent their voice to one of his songs, creating what Noom describes as a “real auditory orgasm.” From that moment forward, Noom embraced the principle of letting go and improvising emotionally, a philosophy that became the heartbeat of his musical journey.

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Like a relentless seeker of inspiration, Noom travels from city to city, driven by the desire for the next collaboration that will elevate his artistry. His message to listeners, artists, and composers is simple yet profound: “We’ll see you soon, there’s no need to prepare, you’ll know when I’ll be there, and you’ll just have to be yourself.”

Courageous, friendly, creative, sensitive, and respectful, Noom shatters the notion that limits exist in the vastness of the sky or the galaxy. According to him, we are beings placed on this earth with a mission that transcends the narrow confines of success or recognition. This mission, he believes, is beyond our understanding.

Noom’s nocturnal creative process adds an extra layer of magic to his music. Working during the night, he likens the experience to a dream but awake – the time when the enchantment unfolds, and the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

In his pursuit of a higher purpose, Noom reassures his audience that the mission is clear: to make them laugh, sometimes cry, and, above all, to make them dance. His evolving success is not measured by conventional standards but by the impact his music has on the hearts and souls of those who experience it. So, brace yourselves, for Noom is on a journey to create a musical legacy that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the world.


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